Photos: 2008 November Animal Communication Advanced Workshop / 2008年11月高階動物溝通工作坊相片

This is the graduation picture of Advanced Animal Communication Workshop took place on 15th-16th November, 2008.

In this clear weather, full moon weekend, all of us completed the third session of Advanced Animal Communication Workshop at Beas River. The workshop is filled with a lot of comprehensive interaction and lovely sharing, everybody learned new animal communication skills. Put aside of our own-self, completely connect with the Earth, filled the heart with love, care, and becomes a knowledgeable and high-quality animal communicator ~ the communication bridge between the human and the animal kingdoms.


在這個天朗氣清,月圓的週末,各學員在 Beas River 完成了2008年度第三屆高階動物溝通課程,課程中充滿互動和分享,大家亦學會了新的動物溝通技術,放下自我,與大地更加連結,成為充滿愛心和知識的高階動物傳心員 ~ 人類與動物王國的溝通橋樑


AC Advance Workshop 2008 - 1

AC Advance Workshop 2008 - 2

AC Advance Workshop 2008 - 3

AC Advance Workshop 2008 - 4

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