Message from Andrew Chow

“Dear Rosina,

I have always wanted to learn how to communicate with my Jack Russell Terrier. My sister learnt how to do it from Rosina through e-mail exchanges, and I was amazed how she could explain the seemingly inexplicable behaviours of our dogs. Therefore I was thrilled when I heard about Rosina’s Animal Communication Workshop. The workshop took an afternoon, and we we taken through a series of well-paced exercises and meditations.At the end of the workshop, most of us were already capable of communicating with animals of other participants by looking at their photos. What surprised me though, was that I had tried the same exercises which I read from animal communications before, but they didn’t work for me then. Somehow Rosina seemed to make everything clicked together. I am confident that everyone can communicate with their animals as long as you have an open mind and proper guidance.”

Andrew Chow