Message from Chiaki

I called Rosina for helped from Tokyo, Japan, and she gave me a wonderful session via SKYPE video phone, and allowed me to communicate with my deceased pet. I was completely heartbroken when my beloved cat, Mimi, passed away in a tragic car accident. He was just 2 years old, full of energy, full of life. And suddenly, she was gone. The accident was so unexpected and happened so suddenly, I couldn’t come to terms, and I was depressed for over a month. Thinking back, there were so many things I wanted to tell Mimi, but it seems it’s all too late.

Rosina allowed me to do all that. She conveyed my message to Mimi word by word, even told me which of my deceased relative is taking care of Mimi. She also taught me how to go and see Mimi in the spirit world whenever I miss her. Everything Rosina says is with Love and Light.

After the reading, I felt happy and relieved that my cat is alive and happy in the spirit world, and comes to see me in an insect form.

Rosina is great also because she made sure that all the questions are answered, and didn’t end our session until everything was answered. She also does the reading for the entire pet that’s in the household, so I had her communicate with my Dachshund. I asked Rosina to let him know he can sleep in my bed, and that I am going away on a business trip but not to worry because I am coming back.

Thank You so much, Rosina.


我是住在日本 – 東京,通過SKYPE視像電話會議,Rosina幫助我作了一個十分美妙的遙距治療。Rosina幫助我與我已故的寵物溝通。當我心愛的貓兒, Mimi,在一次車禍中過世時,我完全地極悲痛、心碎。 當Mimi離世時,她只有兩歲,充滿能量,精力充沛。但是很突然地,她離開了我。 那意外來得很意想不到和那麼突然,我真的不能接受,沮喪、抑鬱了超過一個月。並且一直在回想,我還有許多事情想告訴Mimi,但似乎已是太晚了。



Rosina實在是很好,因為她不但確保她完全回答了所有問題並肯定一切安好才結束我們的遙距會議。 Rosina除了與Mimi溝通,還為我整個家中的所有寵物溝通,因此她亦與我的達克斯獵犬溝通了。我要求Rosina告訴他,他可以在我的床上睡覺,並且我將會出門,是商務需要,但他不要擔心,因為我很快便會回來。

非常感謝您, Rosina。


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