Message from Chrissie

“This lady is amazing. Not only is she kind, generous and caring she is one of the best animal communicators and can work remotely. How do I know all this? Well, we are lucky enough to have her husband working as a vet here. I went to see him about my rescue dog, Meg to ask if he could recommend anything that would calm her down as she had bitten a couple of people and the final straw was that she bit my husband. Fortunately my husband is one in a million and took this all in his stride as part and parcel of having a rescue dog. Anyway, to cut a long story as short as I can, Rosina talked to Meg and there was an almost immediate change. Meg is a lot calmer, more receptive and a much happier dog! Rosina is always there to help and offer suggestions if I have a problem and I can tell when Meg is being worked on remotely by Rosina in HK because Meg becomes much more respective to Bob’s commands and event takes food from his hand instead of trying to bite his leg off!

Rosina, you are one in a million. Thank you so much.”


“這位女仕真是極好及非一般的。 她不僅是親切,慷慨和十分有愛心,她是位最佳的動物溝通專家,并且可以遙距地工作。我如何知道這麽多?因為這是我的親身經驗。我深感十分幸運遇上她的丈夫,一位很卓越的獸醫。我帶着營救回來的愛犬(Meg)去向他求診,訊問及希望他能給我推薦一些建議將能鎮定Meg,因為她曾咬過好一些人及我丈夫。幸運地,我丈夫是極少數中明白這是收養流浪狗可能要面對的。無論如何,長話短說,當Rosina與Meg開始講話的一刻,Meg馬上改變了。Meg鎮靜下來,善於接納,和愉快多了!每每當我有問題時,Rosina總會在給與幫助和提供建議,現在我更可以察覺當Rosina遙距地與Meg溝通及治療,因為Meg會突然變得善於接受Bob的命令,并且當餵飼及給予Meg小吃時,她會乖乖地從Bob手中令取她的食物而不再攻擊他了!



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