Message from Daisy

Everytime when I stepped into Rosina’s classroom I got new inspiritation to live and life. Finishing the Beginner workshop I can’t wait to join the Intermediate one. Not only to know what the animal really think but also let me understand bad behaviour maybe a result of the unclear command from the pet owner. The saying of “No pet is hard to train, it’s only the owner can’t be trained” can be proved once again.About the course outline, the Intermediate strenghened the communication skill that I learnt from the Beginner course, adding together with the automatic writing, animal past life and communicating with pass away animal skill. I used to think of the Lun Yu saying “You do not understand even life. How can you understand death?”, communicate with death animal may not be of much use. But later on I understand that letting the pet owner know how their love is doing right now, will help them to relief emotion and restrain their grief. Words from the mouth of the owner make me understand “love” could really run across time and space. Therefore I highly recommend this workshop, no only if you want to communicate with your lovly pet or you are enviromental protectionist, but also to understand more about our world.

By Daisy

每次參加Rosina的課堂都讓我對生命和生活有新的體會。完成動物溝通初班以後我毫不猶疑報讀了中班,除了可以更了解動物們在想甚麼以外,更 加讓我明白在我們眼中其些動物的特別,甚至是壞行為只是他們對主人的想法有所誤解。「沒有教不好的動物,只有教不好的主人」又再一次得到證明。

課程內容方面,中班鞏固了初班的溝通基礎,並加入了自動書寫(automatic writing)、動物的前世今生、與已離世寵物通訊等環節。我一向都認為「未知生、焉知死」,與去世的動物溝通並不會有太大的作用;後來我卻明白,讓主 人知道愛寵的現況,對於掛念寶貝的主人往往會帶來我們離以預計的、莫大的安慰與幫助。透通主人口中印證所得的事情,讓我明白「愛」確實可以穿透時間與空 間,永無止盡。故此我誠意推薦此課程,無論你是生態環境愛好者,或者只希望單純與自己的愛寵溝通,我相信你必會有所得著。

Daisy 謹上

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