Message from Jacqueline Lee

“Dear Rosina,

Thank you very much for helping me thru to Intermediate Workshop. Although, I learnt the skills in a different way for the past years, I really found your method makes my life so much easier and more effective towards communication .I decided to give up and forget what I learnt and practicing it by using yours.The Intermediate Workshop took me further from what I learnt and I was so shocked of what it came through. Sorry that I was being emotional during the class, I couldn’t help my tears while I saw what animal kingdom is suffering from a different perspective. I had a chance to meet my animal guide and I forgot to tell you the gift I got was “courage”, this is what I really need and I promise I shall treasure it.To me, this is a stepping stone towards communicating with the “Real” world. I recommend this workshop to anyone who respects lives and wishes to become a real animal communicator.”

Jacqueline Lee



中級課程是初級課程的延續篇,把我所學的帶得更高,更遠。我十分震驚我所得出的結果.。很抱歉,在課中我不停為我所見到,感覺到的東西流淚,今天, 令我從另一個角度去感受動物王國真正的一面,人類所帶來的災難和傷害。我亦有機會與我的動物使者見面,忘了告訴你我所得的禮物就是「勇氣」,這正是我所需 的,我會好好珍惜它。


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