Message from Lady Diamond

“We have always wanted to get in touch with an animal communicator because of our adorable cat, Mimi. She was born in Australia and has been living in Sydney until December 2003. She is now living in Hong Kong with us as our family (except my sister, Kathleen) moved back to Hong Kong a few years ago.

This November, my sister Kathleen and I went to Gold Coast , Australia to attend an Angel Intuitive course conducted by Doreen Virtue. We both had an amazing and enlightening experience and were happy to discover (or rediscover) our very own natural psychic abilities. We also met a lot of interesting and spiritual people who came from different parts of the world. Indeed, there were a lot of people who have been in the spiritual and energetic field for years. Magically, we found a name card of an animal communicator, Rosina Maria Arquati at the network table of the conference.

To our delightful surprise, Rosina actually lives in Hong Kong !!!

As soon as we came back to Hong Kong , we contacted Rosina as we really wanted to set up a meeting with Mimi.

About three days later, we received some shocking and upsetting news about my Uncle’s beautiful Golden Retriever (Diamond). The vets said Diamond had liver cancer and it was already at the final stage. The most upsetting news was she could at most stay around for a few more weeks!! My Uncle, Auntie and cousin were completely devastated as Diamond was still young, only 8 years’ old. Our immediate thought was “WE HAVE TO CALL ROSINA!!”.

So, my Uncle called Rosina and explained Diamond’s condition to her.

Without any hesitation, she agreed to come over the following evening. It was truly touching and wonderful to communicate with Diamond through Rosina, especially to hear that Diamond was happy and proud to be part of the family. At that time, my Uncle has already decided to take Diamond to the vet the following morning for an injection as the vets said they already did what they could do and we really do not want Diamond to continue to suffer in pain. It was a difficult and painful decision as we were not sure if Diamond was ready. However, after hearing Rosina’s confirmation that Diamond was ready to move over to the Angel School , we felt relieved. We know that only the physical body of Diamond is leaving, her beautiful and loving soul will always be with us!

We are genuinely grateful for Rosina’s help. Even though Diamond peacefully and graciously moved over that very evening, we were glad to find out from Rosina that she will be taken good care of at the Angel School . I think both Kathleen and myself were guided by our beloved Angels to get Rosina’s card at the conference at Gold Coast and that Rosina is destined to help Diamond!

Thank you, our dear Angels and thank you, Rosina!”

Lady Diamond

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