Message from Pamela


Thank you so much for helping us to find the lost cat in the apartment next door. Just as you said for me to do, go into the apartment and don’t speak a word.  Think mentally, the cats name and sit in the lounge looking at pot plants, as that is what you could visage.  After a few minutes, I moved from the couch (sofa) to the floor and focused again on pot plants, as I mentally thought of the cats name.  Next I saw or thought I saw the cat, under a stool, at the far side, as still as a statue, (as you said it was, statue like!!) I touched the cat, but it didn’t budge, not until I took the stool off, did it run to under the bed.  Mentally talking to the cat, put me in touch with it, just as you said, would happen.  Thank you for giving me this experience and for finding the cat.