Private Session Services and Specialities

Rosina is on  sabbatical. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Rosina 現正休假中,不便之處,敬請原諒。


Animal Communication 動物溝通/傳心服務 *

HK  (Phone/Skype/FaceTime)

  • Private Consultation for Pets – Problem Solving and Questions Answering (45 minutes, max. 8 animals of the same legal owner) HK$1,000

Out of HK, including China, Macau (Skype/FaceTime) *

  • Private Consultation for Pets (alive) for all countries out of HK (45 minutes, max. 8 animals of the same legal owner) HK$1,200.

Animal Past Life Relation With Pet Guardian (Phone/Skype/FaceTime) #

  • HK$500/animal

Animal Bereavement Counselling*


  • (45 minutes, max. 8 animals of the same legal owner) – HK$1,300

Out of HK, including China, Macau (Skype/FaceTime)*

  • (45 minutes, max. 8 animals of the same legal owner) – HK$1,500

Energy Healing 能量治療

Rosina has been a Reiki practitioner since 1992, working with people and with animals; and has been a Reiki Master and teacher of Reiki since 1996.

Remote Send Energy Healing For You /Or Your Pet(HK)

Remote Sending Energy Healing HK$1,000 (Approximately 60 minutes altogether for 1 pet)


House Blessings And Clearing 家居祝福及家居潔淨(HK)

House Blessings and Clearing House Blessing and House Clearing helps to clear out any bad energy left over from the previous tenant; balances the ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ in the house, helps to bring in happiness and abundance to the owners/tenants and their families and pets, where necessary clearing out any negative energy and transforming the existing energy into positive energy to bring in love and light to the house. House Blessing and House Clearing also complements “Fung Shui”, and, like “Fung Shui”, should be done on a yearly basis.

Rosina has  acquired her knowledge of  house blessing and  clearings over the last 20years , of training   and  practice  in  a  number of  native tradition of    House  Blessing and clearings as  well  as  fung Shiu, crystals ,and energy  work, Filling  your  home  with  positive  energy that  suit   each  member of  family including  your pets.

家居祝福及家居潔淨祝福和家居潔淨幫助去除任何由前租戶留下的有害能量;平衡家居內的 ’陰’ 和 ’陽’,幫助戶主/租戶帶來喜樂和豐足給家人和寵物,同時亦可以清除任何負能量及改變現存能量為正能量, 為家居帶入正面的愛和光。家居祝福及家居潔淨亦可配合風水,如風水一樣,應每年為家居潔淨一次能量。

經過超過 20 年的工作,Rosina 獲得了家居祝福及家居潔淨的認識。透過大量的傳統土著訓練和練習,包括風水的知識,使用水晶和對能量工作的認知,她可以為您的家居注入適合您每一位家人包括您寵物的正面能量。

  • Size up to 700 – 1000 sq. ft. HK$3,500
  • Size between 1100 – 2500 sq. ft. HK$6,500
  • Size 2600 sq. ft. or above HK$8 ,500

Path Finding Readings 前程閱讀 (via Skype/FaceTime)*

Cost 費用 : HK$1,300 (HK)

Cost 費用 : HK$1,500 (out of HK, including China, Macau)

This  a unique way of unfolding your career in the future.

Working with her guides and intuition, Rosina can help you see your career goals, release any  negative energy around your  career path, receive  clarity about your career path, bring balance in with  your career and home life, working with passion in your work and attracting  abundance to your career and home, life.


透過她的指引和她獨特的直覺,Rosina 可以幫助您看到需要的事業目標,為您去除任何圍繞您事業路途的負能量,並讓您得到您事業路途需要的清晰、亦為您的事業和家庭生活帶來平衡,讓您可以充滿熱誠地投入您的工作,吸引豐足到您的事業,家庭和生命。

Journey With The Stones (HK) 與晶石的旅程

This Crystal Workshop will take you on a journey with Crystals,  experiencing things you have not experienced before as you work with the wonderful gemstones of Mother Earth.  The ancient energies of the stones from their eons buried in Mother Earth come to you as you work with their uniquely individual vibrations.

This is a five hours workshop

Cost HK$1,500


這是一個 5 個小時的工作坊。



* Translation fee for phone, Skype or FaceTime is HK$300/session

# Translation fee for phone is HK$100/session

– On receipt of payment for via Skype, FaceTime or Phone Service session.  Both Skype, FaceTime and Phone Service can be pure English or English with Cantonese/Mandarin Translation.