Energy Healing For Pets (寵物能量治療)

Energy Healing For Pets

Dis-ease is regarded as a manifestation of unbalanced energy. Energy Healing helps to balance / re-balance the animal’s energy field, enhancing the innate healing abilities of the animal’s body, mind, and spirit.

Energy Healing is a complementary therapy, and so it can be used alongside conventional veterinary treatment. It is not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by a registered veterinary surgeon.

Energy Healing For Pets With Their Owners, Keepers, Family

A sick pet needs the love, care, and support of his/her human companions. At the same time, when their pet is ill, people may become distressed and worried, building up negative energy which can affect both the people and the animal. This in turn can adversely affect the healing progress of the pet.

In many cases, therefore, it is beneficial for a pet to be given Energy Healing together with his/her human companion(s).

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