Message from Lynda

Thank You for

Making the Doggy Event a Success

Apologies to the volunteers who went missing in this photo shoot – the photographer had to leave for another appointment and we did wait for you to return.

Singapore event
Dear All

Sorry for my late thank you email to the team which I should send immediately after the tea party.

However, the next morning – I disappeared from S’pore to rest and to recover – I accompanied Rosina for ten days since she arrived and it was not easy – the work that she does requires a lot of focus and energy – and I can feel and understand how tired and drained she was.  Our day starts at 9am and most of the days we don’t get home till 11pm.

I have accompanied Rosina for 2 years and I always look forward when she is in town.  Rosina is an amazing woman, full of love and energy for the animals.  When an animal needs help, Rosina will never turn it away – no matter how tired she is – she will help.

A BIG thank you to the team for helping at the tea party and for ensuring that the event went smoothly.  The amount raised will help us to pay one month’s of rental and half month’s of dog food.

We also received favourable feedback from the guests that they enjoyed the food for the humans and for the doggies.

If you dogs have tried the meat loaf – could you email me your feedback please?  The Barkery would like to hear from you on what your dog thinks about the food.

We will be working together with The Barkery for a Christmas Special whereby donors can buy a delicious meat loaf and Christmas Cookies for our shelter dogs.

We also must not forget a special thanks to Uncle Khoe and Aunty Linda for arriving early at Ericsson to be interviewed by a Health Magazine published by Media Corp.  Both our stars looked like a loving couple J.

Poor Irene missed all the fun but she baked the treats with love before she went on her deserving holiday.

Jacqueline, please thank all your friends for helping us at the event J

If I have missed anyone out, you have always been a gem to the animals, from the bottom of my heart and the dogs hearts – thank you and have a great weekend.