** A TRIBUTE TO MAX – SINGAPORE (向新加坡的Max致敬) **


A Tribute to Max (Singapore)

Max, a Bull Mastiff, passed away peacefully on the 20 Aug 2010 at 9am, in the comfort of his home and in the loving arms of his owner. She had adopted him some years back and had given him the best of everything – from numerous car rides, to swims on the beach, to his very own swimming pool.

Max had tick fever slightly more than a month ago and despite two blood transfusions over the past week, he got weaker by the day and finally passed on in the morning of 20 Aug 2010.

To all they knew Max, he was a gentle giant – he lived to play! Ball games, swimming – those were his greatest pleasures. And when Max came near you – be sure to scram because his saliva would definitely give you a refreshing form bath.

I loved Max dearly as well. Ever since I met him in March this year, we have been communicating and having long discussions about Max’s swimming pool! No kidding! I arrives Singapore next weekend and was scheduled to have a dinner date with Max. Alas, he couldn’t wait for me. I will however, attend Max’s private cremation when I arrive in Singapore.


Max,是一頭Bull Mastiff,於二零一零年八月二十日上午九時,在他舒適的家和他主人的懷抱中,安詳地去世了。Max的主人在幾年前收養了Max,給了他最好的一切 – 從多次坐汽車出外遊玩,到海灘游泳,及至他自己的游泳池。


所有認識Max的都知道他是一個溫和的巨人 – 他活在開心的玩樂生命!球類遊戲,游泳 – 那些都是他最大的樂趣。當Max走近您時 – 務必即刻走開,因為他的唾液一定會給您一個耳目一新形式的洗澡。



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