Following information are for Animal Communication Workshop Enquiry and Registration Only.

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** All Workshops are taught in English with Cantonese translation **


Animal Communication Group Workshops:
Foundation Level (Level 1) $2,700 (Part A + Part B, 2 consecutive days course)

Intermediate Level (Level 2) $2,500 (one day course)

Advance Level (Level 3) $5,800 (2 consecutive days course)

For enquiry and registration, please click here.

* E-mail confirmation will only be sent upon receipt of the full payment of course fees and bank receipt via e-mail or fax. Please be reminded that provisional reserved place cannot be held indefinitely and workshop places will be confirmed on a first come first in basis.

Payment received is valid for a specific person only and the workshop place is not transferable.

Group Private workshop can be arranged for groups of 6, in English (and with Cantonese translation if needed). Workshop can also be arranged for week day in English for house wife and shift workers.

For enquiry and registration on privat workshop, please click here.

** 所有工作坊以英文講解廣東話翻譯 **



基礎課程工作坊 $2,700 (Part A + Part B, 連續兩天整天課程 )

中級課程工作坊 $2,500 (一天整天課程)

高級課程工作坊 $5,800 (連續兩天整天課程)

查詢及報名詳情, 請按此.

* 請注意參加者必須向課程機構登記、繳交全數學費,並電郵或傳真入數紙方可收到課程機構之電郵回函以作實學額。學額會以先到先得形式分配,暫時留位或其他非付費留位方式恕不接受,敬請留意。


歡迎組成6人或以上的團體進行私人教授,以英語授課(如需要, 可提供廣東話翻譯,請於登記時說明);又或者於非假日(星期一至星期五)時段為主婦或需輪 班工作的人仕授課。


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