Animal Communication Workshop – Intermediate Level 2A (中階課程工作坊 2A)

Animal Communication Workshop, Intermediate Level (Level 2A) is a 1 full day workshop. It is designed to fine tune your telepathic skills and give you more power and tools when communicating with animals.

Certificate of Attendance of “Animal Communication Intermediate Workshop” will be issued upon successful completion of the workshop.

** All Workshops are taught in English with Cantonese translation **

** 所有工作坊以英文講解廣東話翻譯 **

All workshops are taught by Rosina

所有工作坊都由 Rosina 親自教授


Rosina is on sabbatical. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Rosina 現正休假中,不便之處,敬請原諒。


Venue: Mid Levels, Central, Hong Kong

Workshop Fee: $2,500 (one day course)


Student must have completed Foundation Level 1 Part A + Level 1 Part B before they join the Level 2A Intermediate Workshop.

Workshop Content:

This workshop will cover :

  • More tools for improving connection with your own animals/connecting with other animals
  • Animals who have left the planet
  • Meditations
  • Writing on behalf of the animal
  • Drawing on behalf of the animal
  • Meeting your spirit guides

You Will Need:

1. A photo of your pet
2. A photo of a pet that has died ( if you have lost a pet )
3. Pictures or photos of animals ( dogs, cat, birds, elephants or any wild animals )
4. A note book
5. Color pencils

動物傳心術工作坊 – 中階課程,是一天整天課程。中階工作坊的設計是細緻地提升您的動物傳心技巧,並為您提供更多與動物溝通的工具和能量。


完成課程後將獲頒發 “動物傳心中階課程工作坊” 出席證書。


  • 更多工具以改善自己與寵物的接觸 / 聯系其他動物
  • 已離世的寵物溝通
  • 沈思冥想
  • 代表動物的書寫
  • 代表動物的繪畫
  • 與動物守護神接觸

上課請帶備 :

1. 在生寵物的相片
2. 您已離世的寵物照片(如有)
3. 其他動物相片(狗、猫、雀、象或其他野生動物)
4. 筆記簿
5. 顏色筆

上課地點:中環半山 香港

Enquiry and Registration 查詢詳情及報名

For enquiry and registration, please contact us:

Phone: (+852) 6089 4727 (Cantonese, English, Mandarin )


查詢詳情及報 名:

請致電 (+852) 6089 4727(廣東話,英文,國語)


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