Animal Communication Workshop – Intermediate Level 2B: Me Looking At You You Looking At Me (中階課程工作坊 2B: 我看著您,您看著我)

reiki dog at noahs ark

Have you ever wondered why your dogs/cats behave like you?  For example, if your dog is fussy over food, it is likely that you are quite particular about your food.  Or a dog/cat that loves to meet people and is sociable may be taking after you. That is why there is a saying, “Like Dog, Like Owner”. 

In this workshop, would you like to know why your animal is in your life?  Do you know that animals are here to teach us something before they move on?

Come and explore these matters in depth. Rosina will teach and show us that animals can be our mirrors, and this can be so in our relationships with our pets.

Prerequisites of the workshop :

Student has to complete  Animal Communications workshop  Level 1 (基礎課程工作坊) & Level 2A (中階課程2A工作坊)  Workshop must all been completed with Academy for Animal Communication and Holistic Humane Living
You Will Need:
1. Something you use with your pet ( lead, collar, etc )

This Intermediate 2B  will cover:

  • Your Past Lives with your Pets
  • Me Looking At You, You Looking At Me
  • Use of crystals for animals
  • Use of Flower Essence


Rosina is on sabbatical. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Rosina 現正休假中,不便之處,敬請原諒。


Cost : $2500/person
Venue : Mid Levels