Things That Animal Communicator Needs to Empathize with Animals (動物傳心師對動物的憐愛)


It is beneficial for the Animal Communicator to empathize with animals. This empathy helps the Communicator to understand them. Empathy should properly lead to understanding and to sympathy, and sympathy relates to compassion. The compassionate person is opposed to cruelty. The compassionate person also wants to end suffering.

Meat production probably causes more animals to suffer than any other causes of suffering and cruelty. This is because so many millions of animals are used to produce meat every year.

In theory, people hope that the animals are raised and cared for humanely, then transported and killed nicely. For more than 99% of animals used to produce meat, it does not happen like this. Quite the opposite: cruelty and suffering are endemic in the processes of using animals as food. Eating meat continues the demand to use animals as food, and finances the systems which cause the cruelty and suffering.

Some people prefer to be speciesists, treating dogs and cats and some other pet species differently from cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys, fish and so on. The speciesist approach, sadly, continues the demand which finances the systems which cause the cruelty.

When the Animal Communicator communicates with an animal, the Communicator tries to become a friend of the animal. Do we eat our friends? Instead, it is better to Live and Let Live.

Becoming vegan helps the Animal Communicator to play a part in reducing cruelty and suffering, and to consciousy and subconsciously feel goodness and compassion towards all animals, to empathize with animals, and to transmit feelings of kindness and understanding to the animals.


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