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I have always been asked to share “how to communicate with your animals”. My life has been filled with some wonderful animals that as a young girl. I could not have dreamed to be possible. Each one of us can talk to our animals, and with this workshop you will open up and start communicating with your animals.

Rosina Maria Arquati

我曾被要求分享「怎樣和您的動物溝通?」我的目的在於幫助別人跟自己的動物溝通,讓大家都更關注動物的世界。對我來說,這是最重要的一個工作坊,因 為這個 工作坊教導大家打開與寵物溝通之門,這正是現世代最需要的。每個人也可和動物對話,透過這個工作坊,您將會能夠開放自己並開始和您的動物溝通。

Rosina Maria Arquati

Animal Communication (動物溝通 / 動物傳意)

Animal Communication refers to the art of talking, without needing spoken language, to animal companions or even to wild animals. It uses natural telepathic skills. In order to open up these telepathic pathways it is necessary to connect with an ancient part of the brain and consciousness. This Animal Communication uses telepathy to communicate with animals, sending and receiving messages through the heart and mind in forms of images and sensations, feelings, smells, intuition and dialogue.

Animals are constantly using body language and telepathy, as well as vocalization, to try to send us messages. But our telepathic skills have become dormant over millennia as we have come to depend on spoken and written words for human communication, and so we humans have become generally unable to properly receive their messages.

Rosina is able to help her students to learn to access these important and often forgotten skills, and to guide students to practice.

動物溝通 / 動物傳意是一種交流的藝術。不論是家庭飼養的寵物或野生動物,都沒有需要用口說語言,而是使用天生的精神感應技術。若要打開這精神感應技術之門,必需與遠古部分的腦子和意識連接。動物溝通是以心靈感應與動物溝通,心連心地透過腦子發送和接收訊息。訊息可以是影像,知覺,感覺,氣味,直覺和對話。


Rosina 能幫助她的學生從新打開,啟動和學習使用這重要及已遺忘的技術,並帶領學生實踐練習。


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