Organic Farm Retreat

Rosina took 22 of her students along with their pets to an Organic Farm in Landau Island for a day of retreat. The remote Island was beautiful, quiet and peaceful.  As we sail along on the sampan from Cheung Chau to Lantau Island, we left all the negative energy behind with the breezing wind.  The weather was sunny and warm.  Rosina帶同了22位她的學生以及他們的寵物到大嶼山有機農場一天遊。這個小島很美麗,寧靜和平和。當我們在長洲乘坐舢板到大嶼山時,我們將所有的負能量都隨著微風飄走。當天的天氣晴朗和溫暖。

Safe arrived

We arrived the Farm at noon; although it took us hour and a half to get there from the city.  We didn’t mind it at all, it gave us time to relax, enjoy the scenery, and chit chat with others. The dogs were very well behaved as they enjoyed the boat ride.  For some of them it was their first boat trip.  We created harmony between ourselves.  Once we reached the dock, the dogs could run freely on the path, it was very safe there without any cars or buildings, only a few houses in the area; in fact, there were only a few people who lives there.  We followed the road that leads us to the farm; it was a 10 min walk to the site.  Our heart got more excited and anxious to see what was in front of us.  我們中午到達了農場,雖然從城市到那裡需要花一個半小時​​。我們都不介意,那讓我們有時間放鬆,欣賞沿途的風景,以及與他人聊天 。小 狗們都很乖乖,牠們也 很享受這次船程。對於一些小狗,這是牠們第一次乘船遊覽。我們之間創建了和諧。到達了碼頭,狗狗可自由在道路上跑動,這兒是非常安全的,沒有任何汽車或建築物,只有幾間平房,事實上,只有幾個人住在這裡。我們沿著小路走要去到農場需步行10分鐘。我們的心情感到更興奮和渴望看到在我們面前的是什麼。

As we walked, we passed by a very big, long beach.  We were amazed to see such place here in Hong Kong, a private beach completely all by ourselves.  Following the path, the beautiful butterflies were leading us to the farm land.  We found our site just behind some antique houses, where all the picnic benches were and we settled down.  Organic vegetarian lunch was served; everything was so tasty and fresh directly pick from their farm.  我們一面走著,在面前的是一個非常大而長的沙灘。在香港要看到這樣的地方真令我們驚訝,好像一個完全屬自己的私人沙灘。美麗的蝴蝶帶領著我們的路途來到農場。我們發現一些古色古香的房子,背後有一些野餐的長凳,我們就在這裏安頓下來。享用有機素食午餐,所有的蔬菜都是由自己的農場直接挑選,一切如此的美味和新鮮。cook veggie

Our highlight of the day was here.  Rosina leaded all of us to meditate in the open area, finding clarity about life, creating harmony with all living beings, as well as healing our Planet.  We must say thank you to our two little drummers who helped to spice up the meditation.  The meditation ended with clearing away all the negatives, sending and vanished them away from our lives.  We started all new and fresh.  之後,Rosina帶 領 著 我們在空地上冥想,尋找明確的生活,與一切眾生創造和諧共處的環境,以及醫治我們的地球。我們亦要謝謝兩名 小鼓手幫助我們成功地冥想。冥想結束後,我們讓所有不如意的事都清除,讓它們在 生活中消失。這是個新的開始。

Rosina Meditate

Rosina setting a Fire

We sat down with our afternoon tea and snack; the dogs were running free on the beach and the grassland.  We could even pick our own vegetables from the farm to bring home.  What a wonderful retreat we all enjoyed! 下午茶時候,狗狗們在海灘上和草地上玩耍。我們甚至可以到田園裏挑選自己的蔬菜買回家。多麼美好的一天啊!