Angelic Healing and Elemental Nature Coning for You and Your Pets with Arc Angel Rapheal (天使療法)

Angelic Healing for You and Your Pets with Arc Angel Rapheal (天使療法)

Many pets are aware of their owner’s stress levels and emotional problems, and the pets may absorb these from the owner.   Animals, like humans, suffer from a wide range of ailments in old age. Environmental pollution, toxins and poor diets can also affect our pets.

Angelic Healing for Animals helps animals through a healing process. It can also help with behavioral problems, past abandonment memories and past neglect experiences.  In addition to pets, wild creatures can also benefit from Angelic Healing.

Angelic Healing is a gentle healing programme which can be used as a complementary to orthodox veterinary treatment.

Angel Healing is an energy that “passes” through a “channel of an open heart” in the form of a Higher Vibration of Love.

  • Assists in releasing physical, mental and emotional pain from the past & present.
  • Etheric cords are cut, helping the animal to move forward in life
  • Assists in changing behaviour patterns
  • Dissolves “blocks” in the aura
  • Cleanses and clears the chakras
  • Promotes healthy mind, body & spirit
  • Helps to bring about a deep feeling of peace and relaxation
  • Helps to raise the animals personal energy vibration

    許多寵物都意識到其主人的壓力水平和情緒問題,而且寵物可能會吸收到主人當中的壓力。動物和人類一樣,遭受廣泛的中老年疾病。環境的污染,毒素和不良的飲食都會影響我們的寵物。 動物天使療法有助於癒合過程中的動物。它還可以改良行為性的問題,放棄過去不好的回憶和過去被忽視的經驗。此外,加添 的寵物,和野生動物也可以受益於天使療法。












Elemental Nature Coning for You and Your Pets

Working with the elementals helps to bring contact between your pet and nature.

Working thus with nature, this healing coning for animals:

  • helps to heal skittish animals and helps them to relax,
  • helps animal sprits to pass over completely,
  • and can benefit both domestic and wild animals.





NOTE: It is not a substitute for qualified veterinary care, and animals should be taken to a registered veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment


** Workshop is taught in English with Cantonese Translation **

** 所有工作坊以英文講解廣東話翻譯 **

All workshops are taught by Rosina

所有工作坊都由 Rosina 親自教授

Workshop Fee: $2,500 (1 full day course)

Date: To be confirmed

Venue: Mid Levels, Central, Hong Kong

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