Rejuvenation Healing and Water Healing for You and Your Pets (幫助您和您的動物的恢復療法及水療法)

For Our Brothers And Sisters In The Animal Kingdom

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These two Healing Modalities are gifts channeled  by Kwan Yin to Rosina for you, and for the animal kingdom and the planet.   A transformational Energy Healing System which will open you up to experience Kwan Yin Energy as it assists you to awaken to the Truth of your Being .

This Workshop is passed on by attunement.  These are two powerful yet soothing  Healing Modalities – Rejuvenation Healing (恢復療法) and Water Healing for You and Your Pets (水療法).    They balance each other.

While Water Healing  is Ying Energy, Rejuvenation Healing is Yang Energy, the flow of the gentle Moon energizing with the Sun Energy, supporting healing and enhancing your intuition and healing abilities.


通過本次講習班可調好現狀。這是兩個強大而又舒緩的治療方式 – 更生治療(恢復療法)和水療是為你和你的寵物的療法(水療法)。他們彼此平衡。



Rejuvenation therapy uses a very strong, masculine, “Yang” energy.  The Asian Goddess of Mercy – Kwan Yin is called upon by the practitioner to assist during the treatment, along with four other entities who also provide healing for the patient.  A rejuvenation therapy treatment is both relaxing and reenergizing as the name suggests.  It works directly on the seven chakras down the body to release any ‘stuck’ energy or emotions, cleans them up and restores them to their natural balance.  After a treatment, the patient will feel he / she has had a very deep rest and will feel relaxed, rejuvenated ready to face the world with renewed vigour. That is why it is a particularly effective treatment for Hong Kong residents!


復原療法使用一種非常強大的男性 “陽” 能量。那慈悲的亞洲女神 – 觀音被治療師請來協助整個治療,伴隨其他四個個體一起替病人治療。固名思義,復原療法不單令人放鬆,亦能重新帶來能量。這療法直接運作在身體由上而下的七個輪位去解除任何閉塞了的能量或情緒,清除它們並把它們復原到原來的自然平衡狀態。經過治療後,病人會感覺他/她曾經有一個非常深層的休息並感到放鬆,回復能量可以準備好以充足精神面對世界。這就是為什麼這療法是對香港人是特別有效的治療!


During a water therapy treatment, the Asian Goddess of Mercy – Kwan Yin is again called upon to assist the practitioner.  The treatment uses a feminine “Yin” energy and is gentle and nurturing, but at the same time very powerful.  During a Water Therapy treatment, the patient will experience the sensation of being cosseted as if in their mother’s womb.  Each of the patient’s chakras is washed clean of any emotions or energy that is slowing down the body, realigning it back into its optimal state.  The patient will experience the sensation of gentle swirling water and of being completely free of themselves. This treatment can be used on your pets as well!


在水療法的治療,象徵慈悲的亞洲女神 – 觀音再被請來協助治療師。這治療使用一種女性化的 “陰” 能量,是溫柔和滋養性的,同時亦是非常有力量的。在水療法的治療過程,病人會經歷被珍愛的感覺,就如同在母親的子宮內被孕育一般。病人的每一個輪位都會被清洗,去除任何令身體緩慢下來的情緒或能量,使整個身體返回它正常的狀態。病人會經歷被溫柔的水盤繞,使他們感到整個人得到放鬆。這治療亦可應用於您的寵物!

** Workshop is taught in English with Cantonese Translation **

** 所有工作坊以英文講解廣東話翻譯 **

All workshops are taught by Rosina

所有工作坊都由 Rosina 親自教授

Workshop Fee: $2,500 (1 full day course.)

Date: To be confirmed

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