What Is Energy Healing? (能量治療是甚麽?)

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a non-invasive treatment modality using energy fields channeled by the practitioner. The energy comes from the Universe. Energy is abundant in the Universe.

The practitioner may carry out the treatment through laying on hands or keeping them close to the animal, or by distant healing, so that the energy then starts to flow into the animal to address the dis-ease and the emotions of the animal.

Einstein discovered that:

energy (e) = mass (m)   x   the square of a constant (c), giving us the famous equation e = mc2 (the constant ‘c’ equals the speed of light, light itself being a form of energy). This shows that energy and mass are related. An animal had both mass and energy.

Natural healing processes in the body of an animal use energy obtained from the Universe through food, air, and warmth. Life itself needs and uses such energy. Energy Healing helps to channel energy and to enhance and balance the energy field of the animal.


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