Hints for Pet Owners (給所有寵物主人的提示)

Hints for Pet Owners

  1. When rescuing or getting a young dog, consider taking out pet insurance. This can be beneficial in helping with your future veterinary bills. [NOTE: Insurance is not always available to commence for older pets.]
  2. In this modern day and age, a number of people have companion animals instead of children. With modern lifestyles, pet owners need to consider what would happen if they were in an accident or died. Thus it is important to include your pets in your will. Talk about this with the person who is willing to take responsibility for your pets if anything happens to you. Remember that wills should be checked and updated periodically.
  3. Something I started many years ago when we came to Hong Kong was a bank account for our animals. Keeping this account separate is important, and putting money in weekly or monthly soon builds up the sum. In my case, it was to pay for my animals’ transportation to wherever I might live, but it can be used for many different things.
  4. Blind dogs and dogs with failing eyesight. If your dog has cataracts or otherwise failing eyesight, it is important not to change furniture positions, etc… If you do change positions even slightly, introduce the animal to the new positions: guide the animal around to give the animal an awareness of the changes.
  5. If your animal is unwell, take him or her to a registered veterinary surgeon for diagnosis and treatment. Also, remember to consult your registered veterinary surgeon right from the beginning about health and disease-prevention programmes for your animal(s).
  6. A pet is for life. A dog or cat may live for 15 to 20 years. Some other animals such as tortoises and turtles can live much longer. So when you are considering getting a dog or cat or other animal as a pet, take into consideration how long he/she might live. Be realistic and considerate. Will you be able and willing to take care of that animal for its whole life?
  7. Cats may give the impression that they are independent, but they are sensitive and intelligent creatures and do need their owners to give them attention and affection.
  8. Companion animals solely depend on you to look after them and to support them, and by looking after yourself you can give the best to your animal.
  9. If you have animals which need exercise, such as dogs, do make sure that they have and get a daily exercise routine. Spending quality time and relaxing with your pets are also important.
  10. Escalators (moving staircases) are dangerous for dogs. The feet/paws or hair can get caught in the edges or ends etc. of the escalator, maiming and injuring the animal which cannot get away once caught up. Carry your dogs on escalators, as it is easy for their feet etc. to become trapped, and appalling injuries may result.
  11. If you are a smoker, here is a good reason to quit:  “Second hand smoke can be very harmful to your pets. It can increase his/her risk of cancer and allergic disease.”
  12. There are a number of common ‘human’ foods that your dogs and cat should NOT EAT… The important thing is to know exactly what to avoid. There are some very commonly known ones, such as Chocolate, Alcohol, and Coffee, but some lesser known ones such as Grapes, Nutmeg, Onion and the artificial sweetener in gum, Xylitol, etc.




  1. 當搶救或得到一頭幼小狗,可考慮購買寵物保險。這寵物保險可以有效地幫助您未來的獸醫治療費用。[注意:一些較年老的寵物,寵物保險不一定考慮受保。]
  2. 在這現代生活模式,很多人選擇飼養寵物伴侶而不生孩子。以現代生活方式,寵物主人需要考慮如果他們發生什麼事故或離世,寵物接著的安排。因此,如有而意訂立遺囑,包括您的寵物在內是很重要的。還有與您信任的人談論如果任何事情發生在您身上,他們會否願意對您的寵物繼續承擔責任。切記遺囑應該定期檢查和更新。
  3. 這項我在許多年以前已經開始,當我們剛來到香港時,我們已為寵物開設一個銀行帳戶。保持這個帳戶獨立是很重要的,并且定時存入金錢,如每週或每月,很快便可蓄小成多。在我的情況,這些金錢是用來支付我的寵物交通運輸費用,無論我遷居到哪裡,但這些金錢亦可使用在許多不同的事情。
  4. 瞎眼的狗兒和視力衰弱的狗兒。如果您的狗兒有白內障或視力衰弱,不要改變家具位置等事項很是重要的。如果您改變家具位置,儘管只是輕微地改變,必須重新介紹給動物新的家具位置:引導帶領寵物到處走走給寵物徹底悟領所有新的家具位置。
  5. 如果您的寵物感到不適,必須把它帶到一位註冊的獸醫作診斷和治療。並且,請緊記從您開始雇用那位註冊獸醫時,亦應為您的寵物咨詢和制訂關於健康和預防疾病計劃等問題。
  6. 飼養寵物是一生的。狗兒或貓兒能活大概1520年。其他動物例如草龜和烏龜能活更長。如此,當您考慮飼養狗兒或貓兒或者其他動物作為寵物時,考慮到它能活多久。這是現實和必須考慮的原素。您是否能夠和願意照顧您的寵物它一生?
  7. 貓兒給人的印象是它們相對地獨立的,但事實是它們是敏感和聰明的生物,并且需要主人的喜愛和給它們注意。
  8. 寵物伴侶單單是依靠您照顧它們和支持它們,并且通過好好照顧您自己能給您的寵物最佳的所有。
  9. 如果您的寵物是有需要運動、鍛煉,例如狗兒,緊記必須確保它們每日都有運動鍛煉習慣。多花點質量的時間和幫助您的寵物放鬆也是非常重要的。
  10. 電動扶梯(自動電梯) 對狗兒來說是危險的。因為它們的腳/爪或毛髮在電梯邊緣或末端等等,可被電梯卡住,不可能離開的動物會導致受傷,嚴重的可導致重傷或殘廢。當您乘搭自動電梯時,請抱著您的狗兒。因為實際上,它們的腳/爪或毛髮等等是很容易跌落這陷阱而可能產生駭人的受傷。
  11. 如果您是一個煙民,這是一個尤其好的原因讓戒掉這習慣:「二手煙對於您的寵物可能是很有害的。可以增加他/她患癌症和過敏症等疾病的風險。」
  12. 有一些普遍「人類」食的食物,您的狗兒和貓兒是不應該吃們… 最重要的是確切地知道是什麼食物才能避免。有一些是眾所周知的,如巧克力,酒,咖啡,但一些沒太多人知道的:如葡萄,肉荳蔻,洋蔥和口香糖內的人工甜味劑,木糖醇等。


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