How To Make Your Dog Younger (如何使您的愛犬變得更年輕)

How To Make Your Dog Younger

Keeping your best friend’s Dog Age as young as can be helps ensure that the two of you will have more time to spend together. To help make your dog younger, assist in developing these 7 habits:

  1. Maintain a lean physique, with a clearly defined and tucked-up waist. Controlling your dog’s caloric intake and increasing exercise helps to prevent obesity and other health issues, which can make his or her Dog Age up to 1.8 years younger.
  2. Eat only the amount of dog food necessary to maintain an ideal body condition. Measure servings with a standardized measuring cup, and monitor body condition regularly. Prevent your dog from overeating by putting the dog food bowl out only at mealtimes and removing it as soon as your dog stops eating. Monitoring your dog’s diet can make his or her Dog Age up to 1.8 years younger.
  3. Be trained to respond to commands the majority of the time. Well-behaved dogs are safer dogs. Obedience training can make your pet’s Dog Age up to 1.3 years younger.
  4. Enjoy teeth-cleaning chews or biscuits and tooth brushing three times per week. Next time you want to reward your pup with a snack, choose a treat that’s teeth-friendly. Your dog will enjoy the biscuit, and you’ll appreciate his or her smile. Keeping your dog’s teeth clean can make his or her Dog Age up to 6 months younger.
  5. Exercise or play actively at least three times per day for a minimum of 15 minutes each time. Keep playtime interesting by diversifying your dog’s activities. For example, occasionally swap playing catch in the yard with visits to new parks. Keeping your dog active regularly can make his or her Dog Age up to 6 months younger.
  6. Get vaccinated and visit the veterinarian for regular check-ups. Many veterinarians agree that pets should be vaccinated to help prevent illness and diseases; ask your dog’s vet which vaccines are necessary. Vaccinating your dog can make his or her Dog Age up to 6 months younger.
  7. Be safe in the yard, on walks, and on trips by using protective barriers and gear such as fences, leashes, and dog carriers. The less trouble your dog finds, the younger and healthier he or she will be. Protecting your dog from harm can make his or her Dog Age up to 6 months younger.



  1. 保持正確傾斜度的體格,清楚的定義是指自動俯衝提高的腰。控制您狗兒攝取的熱量和增加鍛煉,有助防阻太肥胖和其他健康問題,這可使他或她狗年齡年輕多達1.8歲。
  2. 只吃足夠狗量或食物保持最佳身體狀況。使用一隻標準的測量杯量度份量,並定期監視身體的狀況。避免您的狗兒吃過量狗量或食物,可透過只是在進餐時間才把食物碗拿出來,一旦狗兒不再吃時和其餘時候把食物碗拿走它。監視狗兒的飲食可以使他或她狗年齡年輕多達1.8歲。
  3. 訓練狗兒多數時間回應指令。行為端正的狗兒是較安全的狗兒。服從訓練可以使您的寵物狗年齡年輕多達1.3歲。
  4. 享受牙齒清潔或咀嚼餅乾和每週清掃潔牙齒三次。下次您想以一份小吃獎勵您的狗兒時,選擇是牙齒友好的。您的狗兒將享受餅乾,您將感高興看見他或她的笑容。保持您狗兒的牙齒乾淨可以使他或她的狗年齡年輕多達6個月。
  5. 每天運動或活躍地遊戲三次,每次至少15分鐘。透過多樣化活動使遊戲時間有趣。例如,除了玩捕捉遊戲偶然到公園走走。保持狗兒活躍可以使他或她的狗年齡年輕多達6個月。
  6. 接種疫苗和定期到正規的獸醫檢查。很多獸醫同意寵物應該注射疫苗去幫助預防身體不適和疾病;問您的獸醫哪些疫苗是必要的。進行注射疫苗和定期到正規的獸醫檢查可以使他或她的狗年齡年輕多達6個月。
  7. 在家或院子裡玩,出外步行時等,確保狗兒是安全的,可透過使用防護障礙和裝備例如籬笆和使用狗皮帶等。您的狗兒發現越少麻煩,他或她將是更年輕和更健康。保護狗兒免受損害可以使他或她的狗年齡年輕多達6個月。


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