Animal Talk Newsletters


Animal Talk Ltd November Newsletter 2017 Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre 銘琪癌症關顧中心

Animal Talk Ltd May Newsletter 2017  Happy Mother’s Day & Happy Animal Mother’s Day

Animal Talk Ltd March Newsletter 2017 Dreaming of a World where Animals & Humanity live in Harmony 動物與人和諧共處的夢想世界

Animal Talk Ltd January Newsletter 2017 Happy Chinese New Year


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

Animal Talk Ltd November Newsletter 2016  My experience of Animal Communication 我與動物們傳心的經驗

Animal Talk Ltd October Newsletter 2016 Everything happens for a reason, nothing happens by chance 事出必有因,而非偶然 

Animal Talk Ltd September Newsletter 2016 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Animal Talk Ltd August Newsletter 2016 Living in Singapore with my 2 furkids   和我的兩個毛孩住在新加坡

Animal Talk Ltd July Newsletter 2016 Earthlings 地球的公民

Animal Talk Ltd June Newsletter 2016 A Journey of Life 人生即遍路,遍路即人生

Animal Talk May Newsletter 2016 Fur Industry 皮草

Animal Talk March Newsletter 2016 Five things you need to know about bear bile farming 有關熊膽養殖你必須知道的五件事

Animal Talk February Newsletter 2016  Tai O Home for Stray Cats 大澳流浪貓之家

Animal Talk January Newsletter 2016 Volunteering for Animals in India!-it’s easier than you might think! 前往印度當動物志工 – 比你想像中更容易!


Animal Talk December Newsletter 2015 Merry Christmas, I am not just for Christmas, I’m for life

Animal Talk November Newsletter 2015 LOST ANIMALS 走失動物

Animal Talk October Newsletter 2015 My Change after Learning Animal Communications 學習動物傳心後的改變

Animal Talk September Newsletter 2015 Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Animal Talk August Newsletter 2015 Love is the Answer

Animal Talk July Newsletter 2015 My Change after Learning Animal Communications 學習動物傳心後的改變

Animal Talk May Newsletter 2015 Priceless Life 無價的生命

Animal Talk April Newsletter 2015 Love, is always here 愛,一直都在

Animal Talk March Newsletter 2015 What will happen to your pet…? 您的寵物將會怎樣…?

Animal Talk February Newsletter 2015 Chinese New Year Meet-up with Rosina! 與 Rosina 的農曆新年聚會!

Animal Talk January Newsletter 2015 True Meaning of Life 生命的真諦…


Animal Talk December Newsletter 2014 Animal Communication with DJ and Tesco

Animal Talk November Newsletter 2014 Leave a Will for Your Pet 設立遺囑(平安紙)為寵物作安排

Animal Talk October Newsletter 2014 Finally … I have a name 我終於有自己的名字了

Animal Talk September Newsletter 2014  Celebration of World Animal Day 慶祝世界動物日

Animal Talk August Newsletter 2014 A Tribute to Max – The Rottweiler that Lived with 200 Cats

Animal Talk July Newsletter 2014 Communication with Animal Friend 與動物朋友心傳心

Animal Talk June Newsletter 2014 DO PLANTS FEEL PAIN? 植物會感覺到痛楚嗎?

Animal Talk May Newsletter 2014 Story of Insects 昆蟲的故事

Animal Talk April Newsletter 2014 還有明天嗎?Will there be a tomorrow?

Animal Talk March Newsletter 2014 核禍下的悲哀  Sorrow behind the Nuclear Disaster

Animal Talk February Newsletter 2014 Year of the Horse 新年快樂 馬年進步

2014 Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse Chinese New Year Gathering (Hong Kong)

Animal Talk January Newsletter 2014 The World is Beautiful because of You! 世界很美,只因有你!


Animal Talk December Newsletter 2013 The Captive Dolphin Industry and the Dolphins of Taiji 捕豚業和太地町的海豚

Animal Talk November Newsletter 2013  Blessings under Rainbow Bridge 彩虹橋下的祝福

Animal Talk October Newsletter 2013 Letter to a Horse 給馬兒的信

Animal Talk September Newsletter 2013 Green Renovation 綠色裝潢

Animal Talk August Newsletter 2013 FATE 命運

Animal Talk July Newsletter 2013 Children Without Home  沒有家的孩子

Animal Talk June Newsletter 2013 Elephant Nature Park 大象生態公園

Animal Talk May Newsletter 2013 Retired Racing Greyhounds Make Great Pets 退役競賽格力犬可成窩心寵物

Animal Talk April Newsletter 2013 The Value Of Life 生命何價

Animal Talk March Newsletter 2013 Trip with Rosina and friends

Animal Talk February Newsletter 2013 Learning to Love Like the Animals 向動物學習愛

Animal Talk January Newsletter 2013 Happy New Year Everyone from Animal Talk LTD!


Animal Talk December Newsletter 2012 The Little Fox’s Christmas Eve小狼的聖誕夜

Animal Talk November Newsletter 2012 Visit to Putuoshan 參觀普陀山

Animal Talk October Newsletter 2012 Kirsten’s Zoo – Choose Adoption, Save Lives , they all deserve loving homes!

Animal Talk September Newsletter 2012 Life Lesson From a Dog – Ju Ju 向寵物學習人生 – 豬豬

Animal Talk August Newsletter 2012 Beauty Care, Animal Care 護膚,同時謢動物

Animal Talk July Newsletter 2012 Word from Rosina’s Student

Animal Talk June 2012 Newsletter Reiki with a Disability

Animal Talk May 2012 Newsletter Being an AACCA Member!

Animal Talk April 2012 Newsletter Elephant Asia Rescue and Survival Foundation (EARS)

Animal Talk March 2012 Newsletter Asia’s Great Ape

Animal Talk February2012 Newsletter Say No To Puppy Mill

Animal Talk January 2012 Newsletter Kung Hei Fat Choi Welcome to the year of the Water Dragon


Animal Talk December 2011 Newsletter Good-bye to 2011 and Welcome to 2012 Remember : pets received at Christmas are for life.

Animal Talk November 2011 Newsletter Keeping In Touch Season’s Greetings