Questions to ask and What to look for in a Reiki Master (如何選擇靈氣導師以及所需詢問的問題)

Questions to ask and What to look for in a Reiki Master

  1. How long have you been working with Reiki?
  2. What training do you have?
  3. How often do you teach?
  4. How do you personally use Reiki?
  5. What is your lineage?
  6. What qualifications are required to take Reiki training?
  7. What do you cover in your class?
  8. How many hours of class time are included?
  9. How much is instructional, and how much is hands-on practice?
  10. What are the specific things I will be able to do after taking the training?
  11. What are your fees and will I get a certificate and a manual?
  12. How many symbols will I learn in Reiki II and onwards?
  13. Is there a Reiki support group in my area or can you help me establish one?
  14. Will you openly support me in being a successful Reiki practitioner or master?
  15. Do you have a positive and respectful attitude towards other Reiki practitioners and masters regardless of lineage or affiliation?
  16. If the Reiki Master does Reiki for animals? If Yes, how long does he/she has been giving healing to animals and how many animals/pets does he/she has?

Be aware of how you feel about their answers and if they are responding in a loving manner that is supportive and empowering. Listen to your heart and you will be guided to the right teacher.

“Whenever you are sharing love, you are living your life purpose.”


  1. 您使用靈氣已多久?
  2. 您接受過什麼訓練?
  3. 您多頻密教授靈氣?
  4. 您個人如何使用靈氣?
  5. 您是學習那一派系的靈氣?
  6. 接授靈氣課程需要什麼資格?
  7. 您的靈氣課程將會包含什麼?
  8. 每級靈氣課程包括多少小時的課時?
  9. 課時包括多少時間是教學理論,多少時間是學員實踐和體驗?
  10. 接授靈氣課程後,明確地我將能使用靈氣作什麼事情?
  11. 您的課程費用是多少,並且我將取得證書和課程手冊?
  12. 從第二級靈氣起,我將能學習多少靈氣符號?
  13. 在我的地區會有靈氣支援小組嗎?或您可以幫助我設立一個靈氣支援小組嗎?
  14. 您會盡能力和坦誠地支援我直至我能成為一名成功的靈氣治療師或靈氣導師嗎?
  15. 您擁有正面和尊敬的態度對於其他靈氣治療師和靈氣導師不論是那靈氣派系或聯盟都一視同仁及同樣的對待?
  16. 靈氣導師是否有執行/提供動物靈氣?如果有的話,他/她已執行/提供動物治療多久?以及他/她擁有多少動物/寵物?




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