Reiki FAQ (靈氣常見問題)

1. Could you please describe Reiki to someone who has never heard about it?

Reiki is a traditional Japanese art of healing. It channels the universe’s life force energy to heal and strengthen. It is a spiritual technique that communicates with bodies, whether human or animal, at the deepest level. It is commonly called palm healing, where our hands act as funnels, transferring the universe’s energy into the animal or person. The word “Reiki” is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “universal” and Ki which is “vital life force energy”. Therefore, Reiki is actually “Universal life force energy.”

2. When do you use Reiki on animals? In what situation?

Reiki, for the animals, can be used in many situations – stress, anxiety, pain, old age, sickness; in fact in almost any situation. There is no harm in receiving Reiki and the benefits are tremendous and beneficial to the animals. It can also be used on a regular basis, as maintenance, even on a well and healthy animal.

3. What do you do exactly to the animal?

You place your hands on the animals to give them Reiki. It is not necessary to touch them as some animals might be too sick or stressed to be touched. It works equally well without having to lay your hands on the animals.

4. What do you think the animal feels?

For humans, we sometimes feel heat or coolness from the hands of a Reiki practitioner and animals would feel that too. Sometimes tingling sensations may be experience.

What is its reaction?

Most animals love and enjoy Reiki; cats especially, are known to love it. You can see their reactions almost instantly – they would either calm down, fall asleep or even turn their bodies to you for Reiki (… they would either calm down or fall asleep.) . The animals would know which part of their body requires Reiki most and would turn that part towards you for healing.

5. How effective is it?

With some animals, you can see them visibly feeling better in just a single session. With other animals, it might take a few regular session to make them feel better and more comfortable.

6. What are the results?

The results are of course absolutely amazing, or else I would not be practicing Reiki on so many animals and pets, and owners would not be asking for such services or taking up courses to learn Reiki from me so that their pets can benefit more too.

7. Please provide an example.

I was part of a rescue of an injured street dog, Venus. According to people who witnessed the accident, she was apparently hit and dragged by a car, she was just about a year old. When I saw her at the vet, she was in pain, highly stressed and visibly upset. I knelt beside her cage and gave her some Reiki. She then turned around in her cage and turned her rear towards me for Reiki. Just then, the Dr came out and informed us that Venus, the street dog was actually pregnant and in the accident, she lost all her babies. She was hurting and she turned her rear to me for Reiki. It was truly a touching and amazing experience. Animals do know you mean well.


1. 能夠講解一下靈氣給一個從未聽說過靈氣的人嗎?

靈氣是一種日本傳統的癒合藝術。 他的力量來自宇宙的生命力量從而有癒合能力。它是一種深層次精神與技術,不管是人或動物。它通常被稱為癒合的手掌,我們將手中充當漏斗,轉讓宇宙的精力而投入到動物或人。 ‘靈氣’是由兩個日語單詞 – Rei的意思是“宇宙”和Ki這是“重要的生命力能量”。因此,靈氣,實際上是“通用宇宙生命力的能量。”

2. 在什麼情況下給予動物靈氣?

給予動物靈氣,可以用在許多情況下: 緊張,焦慮,疼痛,老,病,實際上在幾乎任何情況。動物接受靈氣是有巨大的好處,它可以用在定期維護,即使是在良好,健康的動物。

3. 怎樣給動物靈氣的?





大多數動物的熱愛和享受靈氣,尤其是貓,是眾所周知的喜歡它。你可以看到他們的反應幾乎是瞬間 – 他們要么冷靜下來,睡著了,甚至把他們的身體給你(… …他們會冷靜下來或入睡。)這些動物會知道自己的身體哪部分最需要靈氣,會將身體那部分對著你來做癒合。

4. 效果如何呢?






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