Testimonials: Advance Workshop (高級課程學員推薦書)

Message from Sue

Rosina is a truly amazing lady, she has a unique way of teaching so that her workshops and sessions are always fun and interesting, she may be away with the fairies sometimes but her feet are firmly on the ground!

My spiritual journey started in September 2009 when I attended an Animal Communication workshop, I was so intrigued by Rosina and her knowledge and experience of working with both animals and humans that I wanted to learn more…she has a very addictive personality and there is never a dull moment when Rosina is around. So next step I booked myself on her Reiki I course and proceeded to follow the courses through to Reiki Master, I have been a Reiki Master for 11 months now. During this time I also attended other workshops with Rosina; the Advanced Crystal workshop and Reiki for Animals as well as her weekly meditation and Reiki groups.

My self-esteem and confidence have grown so much in the past 2 years that I now offer Reiki treatments and run my own meditation circle. Rosina has been and continues to be a great source of encouragement and support to me, and as long as I am in Hong Kong I will continue to work with her as much as I can!

Love and blessings to you Rosina, Sue

Message from Alvi





Best Begards,

Message from Teresa Yu

I feel very honored to have completed the Advanced Workshop of Animal Communications conducted by Rosina last June.  Rosina is truly a very sincere, compassionate and spiritual lady that I have met.   Attending the workshops had been few of those very profound experiences of my life, and I do feel my spiritual awareness being heightened to a new level.    After applying various modalities taught by Rosina in establishing communication with the animal kingdom and pets in the spirit world, I am so pleased that I now have better understanding of our animal brothers and sisters and taken a significant step on the path of spirituality.   As Rosina reminded us in classes: love does transcend time, space and boundaries.      

My heartfelt thanks again to Rosina for gracing our lives with her talent, knowledge and empathy.   I highly recommend Rosina’s workshops or professional services to anyone who is interested in tapping into our intrinsic abilities of human communicating with all creation or reinforcing our connectedness with nature.

 Teresa Yu

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