Rosina Maria Arquati

Message from Alvi





Best Begards,

Message from Davina Francescotti

“My daughters (21 and 19 years old) and myself attended Rosina’s Communicating with Animals workshop during the girls’ holiday break. We had a wonderful, friendly experience learning to connect in a meaningful way with the animal kingdom. All of us managed to communicate first with our own cat, Bobbie and then with a selection of Rosina’s lovely dogs. We asked them 3 questions each – all different – and reported back the answers. Using Rosina’s dogs gave us independent confirmation that we had received the right answers. We found our own cat a bit more of a problem because we thought we already knew what the answers would be, but we were pleasently surprised to find answers each other could confirm.We found this workshop to be fun, enjoyable and practical. We hope you do too. It has deepened our understanding and appreciation of the amazing animal kingdom which shares our own.”

Davina Francescotti

Message from Andrea Chow

“Dear Rosina,

A lot has happened this year & the best thing was learning to communicate with animals. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing me to this wonderful world of animal communication which has enabled me to help a few owners & their beloved animals. I never thought I could do it but you patiently guided me through, & I did it finally! Thanks.”

Andrea Chow

Message from Andrew Chow

“Dear Rosina,

I have always wanted to learn how to communicate with my Jack Russell Terrier. My sister learnt how to do it from Rosina through e-mail exchanges, and I was amazed how she could explain the seemingly inexplicable behaviours of our dogs. Therefore I was thrilled when I heard about Rosina’s Animal Communication Workshop. The workshop took an afternoon, and we we taken through a series of well-paced exercises and meditations.At the end of the workshop, most of us were already capable of communicating with animals of other participants by looking at their photos. What surprised me though, was that I had tried the same exercises which I read from animal communications before, but they didn’t work for me then. Somehow Rosina seemed to make everything clicked together. I am confident that everyone can communicate with their animals as long as you have an open mind and proper guidance.”

Andrew Chow

Message from Angela Scott

“If you have ever wondered what your animal is thinking or feeling, then go and join Rosina’s workshop and she will teach you how you can communicate with them.It is an amazing experience to be in tune with your pet.I attended the basic level workshop.”

Angela Scott

Message from Pamela


Thank you so much for helping us to find the lost cat in the apartment next door. Just as you said for me to do, go into the apartment and don’t speak a word.  Think mentally, the cats name and sit in the lounge looking at pot plants, as that is what you could visage.  After a few minutes, I moved from the couch (sofa) to the floor and focused again on pot plants, as I mentally thought of the cats name.  Next I saw or thought I saw the cat, under a stool, at the far side, as still as a statue, (as you said it was, statue like!!) I touched the cat, but it didn’t budge, not until I took the stool off, did it run to under the bed.  Mentally talking to the cat, put me in touch with it, just as you said, would happen.  Thank you for giving me this experience and for finding the cat.