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Message from Ser Santiago

Testimonial from my dear friend Rachel Lee Kwok Keun .  The first cat that I managed to locate & successfully reunite with the owner using animal communication method…I am truly honoured and grateful to the Divine, Mother Nature, Universe and my dear teacher Rosina Arquati.

Message from Lynda

Thank You for

Making the Doggy Event a Success

Apologies to the volunteers who went missing in this photo shoot – the photographer had to leave for another appointment and we did wait for you to return.

Singapore event
Dear All

Sorry for my late thank you email to the team which I should send immediately after the tea party.

However, the next morning – I disappeared from S’pore to rest and to recover – I accompanied Rosina for ten days since she arrived and it was not easy – the work that she does requires a lot of focus and energy – and I can feel and understand how tired and drained she was.  Our day starts at 9am and most of the days we don’t get home till 11pm.

I have accompanied Rosina for 2 years and I always look forward when she is in town.  Rosina is an amazing woman, full of love and energy for the animals.  When an animal needs help, Rosina will never turn it away – no matter how tired she is – she will help.

A BIG thank you to the team for helping at the tea party and for ensuring that the event went smoothly.  The amount raised will help us to pay one month’s of rental and half month’s of dog food.

We also received favourable feedback from the guests that they enjoyed the food for the humans and for the doggies.

If you dogs have tried the meat loaf – could you email me your feedback please?  The Barkery would like to hear from you on what your dog thinks about the food.

We will be working together with The Barkery for a Christmas Special whereby donors can buy a delicious meat loaf and Christmas Cookies for our shelter dogs.

We also must not forget a special thanks to Uncle Khoe and Aunty Linda for arriving early at Ericsson to be interviewed by a Health Magazine published by Media Corp.  Both our stars looked like a loving couple J.

Poor Irene missed all the fun but she baked the treats with love before she went on her deserving holiday.

Jacqueline, please thank all your friends for helping us at the event J

If I have missed anyone out, you have always been a gem to the animals, from the bottom of my heart and the dogs hearts – thank you and have a great weekend.


Message from Robin Wang

動物溝通師-Animal Communicator


By Robin Wang (Taiwan – 10 Apr 2011)

Message from Arron, Janice and Barney

My husband and I have two wonderful sessions with Rosina via SKYPE in Apr 2010 and Feb 2011. It is with our dog Barney. We were staying in Singapore and we bought Barney from a family who wasn’t able to take care of him anymore after a month when Barney was 3 months old. He was a quiet and shy dog when we brought him home, but he shown extreme instability and had no trust on us after that. He barked non-stop and snapped at us very frequently. I still remember the days when we need to top up the antiseptic at home because we got injured easily all the time. We started to feel that it’s very unusual as it had lasted for more than 6 months.

I have never heard of animal communication in my life. Rosina came in the right time. I know her from Vegetarian Society mailer when she came to Singapore for workshop. I sensed that she could be our savior!

After the 1st session with her, we realized Barney had a sad past. He was abandoned many times (we had no clues to track where he came from). He had phobia on certain things that haunted him. He is a crossbreed Chihuahua; very timid by nature yet stubborn in character. It took us a long time to gain his trust, together with our fear of being hurt by him all the time. A year passed, Barney has improved a lot, we requested for another session with Rosina to understand some of the remaining problem. We were shocked to realize more of his unknown past again… He had been kept in a confined area, probably a cupboard, a box or a dark area. This answer the questions why he got agitated whenever I opened a bookshelf, cupboard, wardrobe or enter a room, washroom and closed the door behind him. We sometimes scolded him for being naughty, thinking that he simply wanted to play with the door… Rosina told us the truth… He just wanted to rescue us from the room.

One and half year after we adopted Barney, he is still lack of confident and very worried when we are going away. He still snapped at us but not the painful type. He trusts us now but simply can’t control his own behavior. Rosina gave us a lot of support and confident, that we believe we can make Barney a happy dog. He is now very much enjoying his life compared to the past. My husband and I are working on many ways to gain back Barney’s confident on human.

I have never kept any dog before, I believe it is fate to meet Barney, we learn a lot from him. It is also fortunate to meet Rosina, who let us see the power of animal communication. Without her, we do not understand Barney. Thank you again and again, Rosina~

With love, Arron, Janice and Barney (From Singapore – 12 Feb 2011)

Message from 朗


動物傳心感受 :

最初學了動物傳心並開始掌握到技巧時,收到別人的回應,我的確好開心,好似好神奇咁,但慢慢我變得為做而做,居然想到在網上找100個個案去練習(好彩最終識停低),也因為大量的個案令自己開始覺得好累,但感謝LOKI你和我對話了幾次,我好多謝你那一次咁話我,我現在已經學懂慢下來了,開始好多事都去學用心去出發,開始去看好多不同的書,再不是為了滿足感而不斷去做,而是學習點樣係AC過程中幫動物和主人關係變得更好更開心和大家了解得更多。而且,慢慢我都好享受每一次的STUDY GROUP,可以見到ROSINA和不同的同學,大家可以志同道合地分享當中的苦與樂和感受。在上完動物傳心中班的課程後,我更能運用中班所學到的技巧,幫同學畫畫。提起自動繪畫呢一個技巧,其實我好開心,因為以前我對畫畫完全覺得好悶,沒有想過現在很喜歡這個技巧,因為簡單的畫像卻反映動物單純的想法和對主人、環境們的感覺,而且我也可以使用這技巧代動物送給主人一份禮物(主人們都很開心見到動物的畫像),ANYWAY,在往後的日子,我希望我做的AC是對主人和動物們係有意義的,而不是提供答案ONLY^^

靈氣 :








朗 (25 Dec 2010)

Message from Doris

Dear Rosina,

Thank You so much for helping me found my lost doggie that day (1st December, 2010). Without your knowledge and skills on Animal Communication, I would not find my doggie in such a short period of time. You endless passion and care of animals have made me truly believe the power of Animal Communication.

Wish your enthusiasm and compassion for your work can educate and help more and more people around the world.






Message from Chiaki

I called Rosina for helped from Tokyo, Japan, and she gave me a wonderful session via SKYPE video phone, and allowed me to communicate with my deceased pet. I was completely heartbroken when my beloved cat, Mimi, passed away in a tragic car accident. He was just 2 years old, full of energy, full of life. And suddenly, she was gone. The accident was so unexpected and happened so suddenly, I couldn’t come to terms, and I was depressed for over a month. Thinking back, there were so many things I wanted to tell Mimi, but it seems it’s all too late.

Rosina allowed me to do all that. She conveyed my message to Mimi word by word, even told me which of my deceased relative is taking care of Mimi. She also taught me how to go and see Mimi in the spirit world whenever I miss her. Everything Rosina says is with Love and Light.

After the reading, I felt happy and relieved that my cat is alive and happy in the spirit world, and comes to see me in an insect form.

Rosina is great also because she made sure that all the questions are answered, and didn’t end our session until everything was answered. She also does the reading for the entire pet that’s in the household, so I had her communicate with my Dachshund. I asked Rosina to let him know he can sleep in my bed, and that I am going away on a business trip but not to worry because I am coming back.

Thank You so much, Rosina.


我是住在日本 – 東京,通過SKYPE視像電話會議,Rosina幫助我作了一個十分美妙的遙距治療。Rosina幫助我與我已故的寵物溝通。當我心愛的貓兒, Mimi,在一次車禍中過世時,我完全地極悲痛、心碎。 當Mimi離世時,她只有兩歲,充滿能量,精力充沛。但是很突然地,她離開了我。 那意外來得很意想不到和那麼突然,我真的不能接受,沮喪、抑鬱了超過一個月。並且一直在回想,我還有許多事情想告訴Mimi,但似乎已是太晚了。



Rosina實在是很好,因為她不但確保她完全回答了所有問題並肯定一切安好才結束我們的遙距會議。 Rosina除了與Mimi溝通,還為我整個家中的所有寵物溝通,因此她亦與我的達克斯獵犬溝通了。我要求Rosina告訴他,他可以在我的床上睡覺,並且我將會出門,是商務需要,但他不要擔心,因為我很快便會回來。

非常感謝您, Rosina。


Message from Carlie Lai

“Thanks You so much for your teaching on animal communication. You not only brought us skills of animal communication, but most importantly, you have presented the concern on the real situation of animals in the world, and your loving heart wholly towards animals. This is the very essence of the workshop. I think it is the base and the goal of communicating with animals.

Thanks again for your patience in answering my queries. I really learned much from you.”

Carlie Lai



Carlie Lai

Message from Rebecca & Fred


Rebecca & Fred:『Dear Rosina, 謝謝你帶給我們世界上最美好的心靈雞湯!』


With Love, Rebecca & Fred

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