Testimonials: Rejuvenation Healing and Water Healing for You and Your Pets 幫助您和您的動物的恢復療法及水療法

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Testimonials: Water and Rejuvenation Therapy by Edward

I have found both water and rejuvenation therapy to be very powerful and effective healing modalities to put the client’s energy centres back into alignment and to get them working to their maximum efficiency. In healing sessions, I use both therapies in conjunction with one another starting with the more subtle feminine energy of the water healing and then going on to use the rejuvenation therapy.  I prefer to conduct sessions in this way, because the rejuvenation is very strong and the body needs to be prepared to receive the energy.

Both water healing and rejuvenation therapies can be used on multiple occasions, although this is not always necessary as the client can feel the benefits of the treatment immediately after the session.