** ME AND MY RESCUED DOGS (我與我營救的貴族松鼠狗) **

Me and My Rescued Aristocratic Pomeranians 

My dream has always been to have a pack of Pomeranians. Perhaps in a past life I have lived with foxes and wolves. The wish to be with blue-eyed huskies and with Pomeranians has been in my subconscious mind for years. As I am only 5 foot tall, blue-eyed huskies were out for me as they would be taking me for a walk. My dream then turned to Pomeranians.

We had always rescued dogs and never bought them. Our dogs have usually been old dogs for the reasons which follow.

Adopting dogs and other animals in their golden years (older animals) has advantages.

If you are in Hong Kong for a limited time, or are uncertain as to how long you will be here, then adopting an older dog can be ideal as you have a faithful companion, and you have given a few more happy years to an old dog’s life.

Older dogs do not need as much exercise as young dogs, which means long walks are not so necessary; and, because they sleep more, they are often a lot quieter than younger dogs, which can make older dogs better in flats and for working owners.

With older dogs, their characters have formed, so you know the temperament of the dog when you get him or her. Going to the vet is mainly for the yearly check-up and routine vaccinations and triennial licensing. On the whole, older dogs will normally have got over the problem stage of high susceptibility to puppy infections. Regular trips to the doggie groomers for a wash and blow-dry make them feel and look good. As with puppies, some may need a special diet, but most pet food companies have them readily available. House-training can often be a lot easier than training a puppy, showing the older dog the position of his or her new toilet; it may take a little time but they can get it. Cataracts [cloudy lenses in older dogs which blur vision] are fairly easy to handle: you just don’t move the furniture around, and if you occasionally do, you let your dog know by walking him/her around the new position of the furniture.

So our custom was that we rescued old dogs. For example, one day an abandoned miniature Pomeranian walked up to policeman in the street. She was small and old, her teeth were bad, and her legs not very good. She was sent to an animal rescue centre with a note that if they could not find a home for her she was to be mine. A phone call came and she was mine. I picked her up from the animal rescue centre. Toothless and wobbly on her legs, I took her home. I named her Lady Jade.

Lady Gigi - Lady Jasmine - Lady Jade

Crystal Jade

JADE: Jade is one of the toughest minerals known and is probably the most revered stone in Ancient China, representing the five cardinal virtues of charity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom. She lived up to her name.

Now, I had three dogs: Lady Gigi who was my oldest dogs; another Pomeranian called Lady Jasmine, and now Lady Jade.

It was not long after this when the animal rescue called again, with a boy Pomeranian which had been returned to them three times. “We cannot home him as he is 8 years old, are you interested?” they said. I was heading down to New Zealand the next day, but I said that I would pop in and see him. That was it: if he did not get a home while I was away I would take him on my return. While driving in New Zealand, I kept singing the old rugby song “Oh Sir Jasper”, much to my husband’s annoyance.

On our return, the boy Pomeranian was still homeless. So off I went to get him, taking Gigi, Jade and Jasmine with me to collect the dog. Gigi refused to enter the building as this was the same place from whence she herself had been rescued some ten years earlier. But we told her that it was all right and we would not leave her, and continued to reassure her that it was OK and we were just getting a new dog.

When we rescue a new dog we try to take the existing dogs with us to get the new dog. The existing dogs then know where the new dog has come from, and it is a lot easier for the new dog to be accepted into the pack. (The old dogs still remember the dog rescue kennels only too well.) I named our new dog Sir Jasper: not after the rugby song, but after the gemstone.

Sir Jasper

Crystal Jasper JASPER: Jasper is a hard and durable gemstone which was cherished for its beauty and mystical properties since ancient times. Jasper is mentioned in the Bible as one of the stones in the high priest’s breastplate. Jasper is considered to be a very supportive stone: it has a consoling and comforting presence.

Changing the subject from crystals, Jasper’s lower teeth look like fangs and so we nick-named him our Fu Dog.  Now the search was on to buy a traffic cone for our young man to use as his personal post to cock his leg.

Jasmine became sick with breast cancer; and shortly after Sir Jasper came to us, Jasmine left the planet in a way I will never forget. When my animals have to leave the planet, they normally do so at home. Over the years we have considered the needs of animals and owners when this time comes, and we apply this to our own animals. Jasmine said good-bye to Gigi, Jasper and Jade, and came into the room we had set up for her. She knew that it was time to go. I gave her some Reiki and kissed her. She sat by my husband as she was his dog, and looked into his eyes as if to say it was time. The vet gave her the injection and Jasmine left the planet calmly.

Memorial of Lady Jasmine

Memorial of Lady Jasmine

We let the surviving animals pay their last respects to the animal that has passed away, as they then know that their friend has moved on. We learned this when Harvey our cat died from old age: our other cat Sebastian was not there at that time as he was at the vet’s, and when Sebastian came home and could not find Harvey he seemed to mourn right up until his own death from old age 1½ years later.

Not long after Jasmine passed away, Gigi also passed away. Gigi was 21 years old and a real lady.

Memorial of Lady Gigi

Memorial of Lady Gigi

But it was not long after I heard about a small Pomeranian who looked young but was old, and would not be easy to re-home. I called the animal rescue centre and asked to see the dog. Yes, she was mine and I called her Lady Amber.

Lady Amber

Crystal Amber AMBER: Amber is traditionally said to bring romantic love, purification and wisdom. Amber is also recognized for its energizing healing and balancing properties, and is considered effective for uplifting from depression. It is believed to have been one of the first substances used by humans for amulets, medicine and decorations. Amber is considered to be healing, smoothing and harmonizing and to exert a positive influence.

A few months before Christmas, Lady Jade, Lady Amber, Sir Jasper, and my husband and I were on a dog rescue walk. While having lunch in Lan Kwai Fong after the dog walk, I noticed another boy Pomeranian. He was with his foster parents and needed a home. He looked wild and very foxy. As I walked away I found myself looking back at him. He seemed to stay in my mind. When it came to Christmas my husband asked me what I wanted, and I just said the wild and foxy Pomeranian I had seen on the dog walk if he had not found a home. I telephoned the animal rescue centre. No, he had not been re-homed. So Lady Jade, Lady Amber, Sir Jasper, my husband and I all went off to get Sir Topaz.

Sir Topaz

Crystal Topaz TOPAZ: Topaz increases generosity and happiness. This stone of good humor also increases our optimism and hopes. Topaz is also used as a teacher of spiritual love and attainment. In addition, it tends to introduce a feeling of peace and contentment in those who come to appreciate this stone.

Now the search was on again to buy more traffic cones as we now had two boys. Our house was full with four rescued dogs and two rescued turtles.

Then, one day while I was having lunch with a friend, there was a phone call. An old, small, hairless female Pomeranian was looking for a home. Could I take her, I was asked, or did I know anybody who could adopt her. If not, she was going to be put to sleep the next day. Off I went. What could I do? I already had a full house, so I said that I would foster her. But on getting her home, she quickly won the heart of my maid, and my husband knew that we would end up keeping her. We named her Lady Ammonite, after the fossil.

Lady Ammonite

Crystal Ammonite AMMONITE: Ammonite is a protective stone, giving stability and structure to one’s life. It can eliminate caustic attributes, and transforms negativity into a smooth flowing energy. It also tends to encourage and to supplement one’s survival instincts. It is a stone to assist one in the promulgation of the requirements and the actions necessary for world survival. Ammonite is the Wealth Stone of the Period 8 which started in 2004 and will continue for the next twenty years according to Fung Shui.

Once again, I heard that a Pomeranian needed to be fostered and I agreed to foster the dog. But, while on the phone, I was asked to foster a very young puppy which was very very sick. So I agreed to take him, knowing that I had a full support team at home and that we could handle a sick pup. I brought home what my friends described as a little rat, and set up an isolation ward for him. There were going to be numerous people who were going to adopt this small puppy when his health improved. With good veterinary care, Reiki and animal communication, the young puppy pulled through: a very strong-willed young puppy I might add. And then it became time to find a new home for this puppy, who we called Master Smokey Quartz. Prospective parents/adopters came to see him, and whatever they wanted to see in a young puppy to be adopted, he would do the opposite. If they wanted a quiet dog, he would bark. If they wanted a lively dog, he would ‘play died’. It was soon made apparent to us that he had decided to stay. My job then was to communicated with the other dogs as to whether he could come and stay in the family, and to convince my husband that I could take a puppy. To my surprise, the female dogs, Jade, Amber and Ammonite, told me “Don’t keep him,” and that they would have nothing to do with ‘that brat’. Jasper and Topaz said that it would be OK, but I needed to negotiate with them if they would help me to bring up that, at that stage, helpless looking pup. Much to my surprise, the boys said that they would help me.

The next person to convince was my husband, who carefully pointed out the pros and cons of a puppy, but who agreed as he always would.

So Master Smokey Quartz became part of the Aristocratic Pomeranians. He will not become ‘Sir’ until he reaches the maturity of 5 years of age. And Master Smokey Quartz has taken over our lives.

Master Smokey Quartz

Crystal Smoky Quartz SMOKEY QUARTZ: Natural Smokey Quartz is a basic grounding stone, highly recommended for sedating, relaxing, purifying and stabilizing. It stimulates the desire for life, survival and continuance, helps with the courage to make changes and break bad habits, stimulates positive self-image/self-acceptance. It is used for any sort of stress, depression, fear or panic, including personal fears of inadequacy. It aids any sort of survival fears from stage fright to threat of attack, and is a powerful protection stone that has been used as such in wartime. Meditating with Smokey Quartz aids the alpha state.

My beloved Jade died. This little dog, that gave me strength to keep going with my work, showed that however small or decrepit you are, just keep going.

Memorial of Lady Jade

Memorial of Lady Jade

Not long after the death of Jade, another small white decrepit Pomeranian appeared at the animal shelter, and once again I took her home. We called her Lady Sugilite. Our home of six Pomeranians was again complete.

Lady Sugilite

Crystal SugiliteSUGILITE: Sugilite attracts healing power “A love stone for this age”, it represents perfection of spiritual love, helping it manifest on the Earth plane. It helps one forgive oneself and other and brings forth acceptance and belief in oneself. It eliminates hostility and infuses the being with inspiration and confidence. Sugilite/Manganese heals headaches and discomforts, simply by holding it.

Lady Sugilite was a member of our family for two years, then passed away in her sleep.

Memorial of Lady Sugilite

Memorial of Lady Sugilite

At this time, I had made a decision ‘no more dogs’, due to changes in our lives. But we were invited to a party at an animal shelter. On arrival, a beautiful Pomeranian went to chat up my husband. Then she found me and stayed with me for over 4 hours, knowing that I would not leave her at the shelter. And of course we took her home. We call her Lady Moonstone. She had been a breeding bitch. Going for walks and to restaurants were new experiences for her. She soon became a loving member of our family.

Lady Moonstone

Crystal Moonstone MOONSTONE: Moonstone is the feminine energy stone, a stone of intuition that helps with the total fulfillment of one’s destiny. It can be a stone for travelers as well as for thought passing over.

Lady Moonstone only stayed with us about 2 years, two wonderful years of her life as she was not caged and she learned many new exciting things about the outside world.

Memorial of Lady Moonstone

Memorial of Lady Moonstone

Many changes took place in our lives, and the Aristocratic Pomeranians were moved to the New Territories. They no longer lived in yuppie Mid-Levels, but now became country bumpkins.

Not long after the death of Moonstone, little Ammonite left the planet.

Memorial of Lady Ammonite

Memorial of Lady Ammonite

We were now down to four Pomeranians. As our lives changed, I felt that four dogs were enough. But then came another telephone call from an animal shelter. “An old Pomeranian needs a home. We have tried to re-home her, but we can’t. Can you take her?” Again I heard the words coming from my mouth: “I can foster her”. “OK,” came the reply from the shelter. “I’ll be in Yuen Long next week, so I’ll drop her off.” So then, Lady Emerald joined the family.

Lady Emerald

crystal-emerald EMERALD: Emerald is the first heart stone. The Emerald connects the Solar Plexus and Throat through the heart. It is the connections stone of mind and spirit. It is the residence of the spirit. Greens calms tension. It is antiseptic to inflammations, fevers, infections, wounds, sunburn, and burns. Greens are regenerating stones, building and repairing muscles and tissues, are good for nerves, eyes, and heart. Chakra correspondences: Heart Chakra, Color Green, Sanskrit in Anahata, 1st Thoracic Vertebra, Thymus Gland, Higher Mental Aura Body, Musical Tone F, Chant Ah, Skill is Love/Compassion/Joy, Physical Sense. Touch, Temperature Cool, Symbol Equal around Cross, Element Air, Driection East.

Not long after Emerald’s arrival, another shelter emailed: “I have a small old boy Pomeranian.” I asked: “How old?” “About 15,” came the answer. “Can you adopt or foster him?” Again, I said that I could only foster. But I was leaving for a trip, and could only take him on my return. “If he’s still there, I’ll come and pick him up.” And, once again, on my return, I went to pick up the ageing Pomeranian. His eyesight was not so good, he liked to be the ‘only’ dog, and wanted lots of fuss. Integrating him would be ‘fun.’ So, home I went with Sir Malachite.

Sir Malachite

crystal-malachite1 MALACHITE: Malachite is the “Stone of Transformation”. It helps clear and activate the Chakras, and clears the path to your desired goal. It brings fidelity in love and friendship and is a protective stone for the aviation field. It brings tolerance, flexibility, and patience, and a stabilizing influence. Rich opaque green with darker swirls or stripes.

I thought that my home was complete! But, just as I was leaving to go to England for a workshop, an email came through: “Do you have space for a small geriatric Pomeranian? She has a skin problem, which is treatable, so will you be able to manage that?” “Well,” I responded, “let me talk to the rest of the household.” Silence came over the household. The dogs have given up saying “No”, as has my husband. Our house is a home for geriatrics, so one more will fit in. Thus came Lady Opalite to our house.

Lady Opalite

crystal-opalite2 OPALITE: Opalite is a delicate clear or milky iridescent stone, which when placed on the Crown Chakra in meditation is said to enhance psychic abilities and include visions. In healing Opalite is believed to stabilize mood swings and purify the blood and kidneys. Please note Opalite is a man-made crystal.

Our home is again complete. I now have my pack of Pomeranians (foxes). When we are out I am constantly told how beautiful my dogs look; and I am asked are they brothers and sisters, where did I get them, were they expensive, and where did I buy them. I answer that they were all abandoned old dogs who were going to die and had been rescued.

And, as they pass by, the Aristocratic Pomeranians hold their heads up high, knowing that they are loved.

On Monday 13th July 2009 at about 16.30 hours,  Lady Amber [“Fluffy”] passed away,  at an estimated age of 16 to 18 years.

Lady Amber, a tiny ageing Pomeranian  was adopted as a very old rescue dog in 2003.  Reiki at that time, alongside veterinary care,  helped her to recover from an adverse reaction  to her spay operation.

She went on to become a happy and active elderly dog.  Lady Amber always opened her heart to help  other rescued dogs which joined our household.

Memorial of Lady Amber

Memorial for Lady Amber

Lady Selenite joins the Aristocratic Pomeranians.  One morning I opened my email, and there it said: “Rosina, we have an old Pomeranian, in a group of dogs abandoned by a breeder. Can you take her?” I took a deep breath. My head told me that we had a full house. I looked at a photo of this dog. She was in a kennel with a younger dog. Her condition was bad.

I did not answer the email, as I needed to think, and to talk to my husband.

Much later in the evening I received a telephone call. “Did you receive the email?” Again my head said full house. I explained to the animal shelter, but said that if no-one else would take her, we would come to see her. The next day she was booked for her spay operation and to start treatment for her skin and leg problem. A volunteer at the animal shelter would call me to let me know the progress.

Next day, she called me. The dog had been spayed and had had some lumps removed; and she had an old injury to her left hind leg so she walked on three legs.

The next day we visited her at the shelter. There she was: a little old lady in a kennel with a young hairless boy. She was frightened and nervous, and the two of them sat close together. I talked to her and fussed her. The young male dog had a fosterer lined up, but she had none. We would collect her two days later.

The day came. It was the day when the Aristocratic Pomeranians were going to the groomer, their “hairdresser”. A day at the hairdresser for the Aristocratic Pomeranians is an adventure, with a long trip in a van to get there.

With our other dogs settled in at their hairdresser, we went to the rescues center. There she sat, all alone. She saw me. She got up. She wagged her tail, remembering that I had told her I would not leave her. She came to my arms and she was ready to leave the rescue center.

We took her to the groomer, and stayed while she was shampooed because she was still rather delicate from the operation three days earlier. It seemed to be the first time she had been groomed so gently and with such attention.

Now with the other Pomeranians there around her at the groomer, she perked up. She became a very different old lady: confident, running around on three legs, and joining in with the Aristocratic Pomeranians.

That evening, back at our home, she was to be kept initially in a pen for treatment of her skin condition. In the pen, she stared forlornly at the other dogs, sad and lonely again. She wanted to join in and sleep with the other dogs. So down with the pen, and out she came to join the others. Happy again.

At the house now, Lady Selenite [her new name] looks like she has been here all her life. So Lady Selenite is the newest Aristocratic Pomeranian.

Lady Selenite

Selenite SELENITE: is a form of gypsum that has transparent bladed crystals. It is said to calm nerves, and enhance concentration, mental clarity, willpower, awareness and energy. Being fragile, it is not usually worn, but rather carried in a pouch. Selenite is said to relate to the Crown Charka, and to Taurus in the Zodiac.

On the 14th Sept 2009, as I was checking-in at the City Check-in, Central, on my way to England to see my mother who was in hospital, my husband phoned me to tell me that Lady Emerald [The Duchess], had passed away.

She had been sleeping all night on the bed with Lady Opalite and got up the next morning looking happy and alert for a senior citizen. Later that morning, my husband found her curled up and looking as if she was asleep. He went over to check as he knew that something was not right. Lady Emerald had passed away with a heart attack, peacefully and painlessly.

Lady Emerald had come to us as a foster dog and we were in the process of adopting her. She was only with us for about a year, but she had made a strong impression on the family. We discovered after naming her and giving her, her nickname, that there was a book called “Emerald Duchess”. She lived up to her nick name – The Duchess as her presence was felt by the whole family. She will be truly missed.

Memorial of Lady Emerald

Memorial for Lady Emerald

I left Hong Kong very late on 23rd Dec 2009, leaving all my dogs in the excellent care of Michael at our home over the Christmas time, although it is always difficult for me to be away from them over Christmas. However, when I arrive in London on Christmas Eve, a text message was awaiting me saying that Lady Opalite has been rushed to the veterinary hospital and was on oxygen.

Then, on the next day, the Christmas day, 25th Dec 2009 at about 6:30am, Hong Kong Time, Lady Opalite [Her Highness] passed away with estimated age 15 to 18 years old.

Lady Opalite, a tiny ageing Pomeranian, when we adopted her from Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) in early 2009. After she came to us, we realized that she had come from an unsatisfactory environment, as a puppy farm dog, and was in very bad condition. She had been saved through HKDR to a foster family and given veterinary care to start her way back to health, and then eventually came to us. With excellent veterinary care, she recovered to optimum health as far as possible for an old dog. She became part of the Aristocratic Pomeranians and taught us all how to send and give love no matter how others have treated us. She opened her heart to humans even though she was badly hurt by humans in the past. Dearest Lady Opalite has lived up to her nick name, Her Highness, as she always opened her heart to people, and showed love to all that she met. Lady Opalite and the LOVE to and from her will always be in our heart as a gift from her to the whole family.

Memorial of Lady Opalite

Memorial for Lady Opalite

My beautiful “foo dog” – Sir Jasper left the planet on 24th February 2010, aged about 20. Jasper had been with us for 10 years after having been given up by three other people before we adopted him at around 10 years of age. His unusual prance and his two fang-teeth gave him a very special appearance. He was an individual with his very own character who filled my life with love and understanding. Yet, there is no words can describe the love Jasper and I shared, can only felt with our hearts. Jasper will be loved forever, and will always be remembered and missed.

Memorial of Sir Jasper

Memorial for Sir Jasper – The Fang

It happened again. A little old Pomeranian needed a home. The animal shelter phoned. So, off I went to meet this old lady. She was about 14 years old and rather growsy. Her teeth were in need of treatment and she was coughing. After she had gone through some initial veterinary treatment, we took her home. She was more ill than we had been told, and she was not eating. And she didn’t like the other dogs. Smokey Quartz went to greet her, and she growled at him. “Keep that dog away from me”, she said. Then on Monday, I gave her healing: by the afternoon, she started eating. Now she is running around together with the group of Aristocratic Pomeranians, and looks like she has been living happily with the Aristocratic Pomeranians for a number of years. This is Lady Sodalite.

Lady Sodalite

SODALITE: has proved beneficial for the nervous system, giving us equilibrium and tranquility. It helps us to retain our balance after great excitement. It is frequently indispensable for women at the menopause, since it regulates the metabolism. It is also recommended for high blood pressure.

Lady Sodalite was only with us for about 6 months, having come to us from a rescue group as a sick elderly Pomeranian. A little growsy when she arrived, she did not want to mix with the Aristocratic Pomeranians. But after a few weeks of seeing the other dogs having fun, she started to join in the fun of food and living, and at night-time, she enjoyed sleeping on the human’s bed. She had a good life in the 6 months she was with us, and passed away peacefully in her sleep aged 15 years on 17 August, 2010.

Memorial of Lady Sodalite

In Loving Memory Of Lady Sodalite

Sir Topaz passed away in his sleep, 9 Dec 2010. My wild and woolly fox seduced me with his beautiful eyes to take him home. He became one of our family members and added his great personality to the household and the Aristocratic Pomeranians. Sir Topaz will be truly missed.

Memorial of Sir Topaz

Memorial for Sir Topaz  –  The Fox

Our elderly but happy little rescued puppy mill dog, Lady Selenite, passed away at about 11 pm on 3rd May 2011. She was adopted some years ago as an elderly lady, from a dog rescue organization. Lady Selenite will be dearly missed by Sir Smokey Quartz who became her friend and ally as she learned about her new found freedom and how to enjoy life.

Memorial of Lady Selenite

Memorial for Lady Selenite

It happened again. We had two small Pomeranians: Sir Smokey Quartz and Sir Malachite.

I was not going to take any more dogs. However, I was taking an animal communication workshop, when I mentioned that I had too much masculine energy in the house, and I needed a small little white lady pom, not young.  I had looked at the websites of the animal shelters and there were no little girls. One of my students was helping out at a rescue centre. That night she went home and checked the internet, and the first dog to appear was a little white lady pom (formaly known as pom pom), seven years old.

I was in a dilemma because I was leaving for London a few days later, but my husband had just returned from Shanghai.   I talked to the little girl by animal communication and knew she was very very sweet and gentle, so I sent my husband to meet her, and she was to join us. So it was a rush to bring her home, as the only day I could collect her was the day I was leaving to go to the airport.

So now we have a new member of the Aristocratic Pomeranians: Lady Strawberry Quartz [her new name]. On the first day she did not eat so I had to ask her to eat. As soon as I had so asked, she went to eat her doggy food.  She is a very pretty white and tan senior lady pomeranian, and is settling in with Sir Smokey Quartz and Sir Malachite.

Lady Strawberry Quartz

Lady Strawberry Quartz

STRAWBERRY QUARTZ: In addition to the generic healing  properties of, Strawberry Quartz stimulates the heart energy centre, filling ones total person with the feeling of love and with   the euphoria of the true loving environment.


In Loving Memory of Sir Malachite  (nee Pip).  On 28th August 2013, our dear beloved Sir Malachite, 19 years old, fell into a coma and passed away peacefully with the whole family present.  Our home will not be the same without his gentle energy.

Nicknames of the Aristocratic Pomeranians:

Sir Smokey Quartz  –  The Pup

Sir Malachite  –  The Prophet

Lady Strawberry – pom pom

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