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The Older Woman And The Younger Man

By Rosina Maria Arquati

– In Magazine “Reiki New Zealand”, November 2000

Lady Sapphire is a rescued turtle, who was abandoned around 20 years ago, originally destined for a cooking pot. Years later another rescued turtle, who had also been abandoned, came to us. We named him Sir Labradorite after my favorite crystal. He was only a young turtle, maybe 2 years old or so. Lady Sapphire on the other hand was a more mature woman of about 20.

Sir Labradorite had excessive enteric protozoa and so was kept separate while he was being treated. But he kept escaping. If you did not see it for yourself, you would not believe that he climbed vertically up the flowerpots and over the garden fence. After getting a clear bill of health from the vet, we moved him in with Lady Sapphire. But Lady Sapphire was not interested in her young toy boy. On the other hand, Sir Labradorite was madly in love with his older woman.

It was evident that they could not live together, so we separated them. Sir Labradorite would regularly escape (because of this we nicknamed him Houdini as his pen was supposed to be escape-proof and there was no apparent way out) and he would invade Lady Sapphire’s home. Marital fights would break out and we would have to put Sir Labradorite back in his own home. One morning we found blood splattered on the floor of the balcony. Tracing the blood of Lady Sapphire’s home we found Sir Labradorite with a severe bite wound on his head near the eyes which had been inflicted by Lady Sapphire. Because of where the wound was the vet was unable to stitch it. All he could do was treat it with topical antiseptic powder. We set-up a temporary hospital and healing room in the spare bathroom with me sending Reiki to Sir Labradorite on a regular basis. I also put the Reiki symbols on the door and set up a crystal healing grid for him. His wounds did not look good. Only time would tell. After about three weeks in his temporary hospital and healing room in the spare bathroom, Sir Labradorite was fully recovered. We moved him back to his home on the balcony. But before long Sir Labradorite was repeating his Houdini stuff and was off visiting Lady Sapphire. But this time he was showing a lot more maturity, having, it seems, learnt that to woo an older lady you need a little romance. They now live together in harmony, the younger man and the older woman.

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此於 Rosina Maria Arquati

– 在2000年度,海外雜誌 “Reiki New Zealand”

Lady Sapphire是一隻大約在二十年前被遺棄的烏龜,然後我們把她營救回來,要不她已被烹調了。幾年後,另一隻被遺棄的烏龜來了到我們,於是我們亦把他營救回來。我們為他起名為Sir Labradorite,是以我喜愛的水晶命名。他是一隻年幼的小烏龜,若兩歲左右。另一方面,Lady Sapphire是一隻成熟的女烏龜大約二十歲。

因為Sir Labradorite腸內有很多原生動物,因此在給他治療的那段時間,我們把他隔離。但他不斷逃脫。如果您沒親眼看見,您不會相信他竟然能爬上垂直的花盆越過庭院的籬芭。在得到獸醫一份清楚的檢疫證書說明他已完全康復,我們把他搬回到與Lady Sapphire一起居住。 但Lady Sapphire對她的年輕玩具男孩不感興趣。但是,Sir Labradorite瘋狂地在愛着他的年長女仕。

顯然,他們不可能在一起生活,因此我們分開了他們。Sir Labradorite經常會逃脫 (因此我們給他起了綽號為「Houdini」,他的居所是防逃脫,並且沒有明顯的出口),並且侵略Lady Sapphire的家。婚姻戰鬥將發生,所以我們必須要將Sir Labradorite放回他自己的家。一個早晨我們在陽臺的地板上發現了噴濺的血液。從Lady Sapphire的家開始跟着血液追蹤,我們找到Sir Labradorite和他頭頂接近眼睛的部位受了傷,是由Lady Sapphire激烈的叮咬所做成。由於創傷的位置太接近眼睛,獸醫無法給他縫針。他極其量可做的所有是使用典型防腐粉末。我們在備用的衛生間裡安排了一間臨時醫院和醫治用的屋子和我經常定期地傳送靈氣到Sir Labradorite。我更在門上繒畫了靈氣標誌並且為他設定了一個水晶癒合格子。他的傷勢頗嚴重,只好讓時間告訴我們結果。在大約三個星期位在臨時醫院和醫治用的室在備用的衛生間裡,Sir Labradorite完全地恢復了。我們把他搬回到他在陽臺的家。但不久Sir Labradorite重覆他的Houdini表現,再次逃脫去尋找Lady Sapphire。但這次他顯然成熟了許多,他似乎學會了當要向年長一點的女仕求愛時,是需要一點浪漫的。他們現一起和諧地生活,年長女仕與年輕男子。



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