Message from Arron, Janice and Barney

My husband and I have two wonderful sessions with Rosina via SKYPE in Apr 2010 and Feb 2011. It is with our dog Barney. We were staying in Singapore and we bought Barney from a family who wasn’t able to take care of him anymore after a month when Barney was 3 months old. He was a quiet and shy dog when we brought him home, but he shown extreme instability and had no trust on us after that. He barked non-stop and snapped at us very frequently. I still remember the days when we need to top up the antiseptic at home because we got injured easily all the time. We started to feel that it’s very unusual as it had lasted for more than 6 months.

I have never heard of animal communication in my life. Rosina came in the right time. I know her from Vegetarian Society mailer when she came to Singapore for workshop. I sensed that she could be our savior!

After the 1st session with her, we realized Barney had a sad past. He was abandoned many times (we had no clues to track where he came from). He had phobia on certain things that haunted him. He is a crossbreed Chihuahua; very timid by nature yet stubborn in character. It took us a long time to gain his trust, together with our fear of being hurt by him all the time. A year passed, Barney has improved a lot, we requested for another session with Rosina to understand some of the remaining problem. We were shocked to realize more of his unknown past again… He had been kept in a confined area, probably a cupboard, a box or a dark area. This answer the questions why he got agitated whenever I opened a bookshelf, cupboard, wardrobe or enter a room, washroom and closed the door behind him. We sometimes scolded him for being naughty, thinking that he simply wanted to play with the door… Rosina told us the truth… He just wanted to rescue us from the room.

One and half year after we adopted Barney, he is still lack of confident and very worried when we are going away. He still snapped at us but not the painful type. He trusts us now but simply can’t control his own behavior. Rosina gave us a lot of support and confident, that we believe we can make Barney a happy dog. He is now very much enjoying his life compared to the past. My husband and I are working on many ways to gain back Barney’s confident on human.

I have never kept any dog before, I believe it is fate to meet Barney, we learn a lot from him. It is also fortunate to meet Rosina, who let us see the power of animal communication. Without her, we do not understand Barney. Thank you again and again, Rosina~

With love, Arron, Janice and Barney (From Singapore – 12 Feb 2011)

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